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Springville City Budgets


Springville City runs on a fiscal year that starts July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.

The City has two basic types of activity centers called funds. The General Fund includes administration (city council, city administrator, legal, finance, treasury, and court); public safety (police, dispatch, fire, and ambulance); public works (public works administration, facility maintenance and streets); community development (planning, zoning and building inspections); and community services (parks, recreation, swimming pool, library, cemetery, art museum and senior citizens). Revenues for this fund come from taxes, grants, licensing fees, fines and user fees.

The other type of fund is called enterprise funds which operate like a business (electric, water, sewer, solid waste collection, storm water, and the golf course fall into this category). They provide a specific service and charge fees for the service which covers the cost of their operations.

To view the Springville City budget documents, click the links to download the pdf files.


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