Mayor’s Message

Winter 2023

Have you seen the construction going on around Springville High School? Nebo School District has been planning to rebuild the school for several years, and work has finally begun. The old building stood for more than five decades and served as a wonderful asset to our community. The plans for the new campus are exciting, and I have no doubt that Springville residents will be enriched and united by the great things that happen there.

As part of the planning for the new school, Springville City has negotiated with Nebo School District to swap some land and add value to both sides. The City will gain properties adjacent to the old Grant Building and west of Meadowbrook Elementary School, as well as a building that is part of the old high school campus.

Additionally, the school district has agreed to improve several Springville Recreation properties and facilities, with enhancements including scoreboards, lights for night play, new tennis courts and more.

You can visit to learn more about the new high school. I’ll be discussing the associated City projects in further detail on an upcoming episode of the Art Cityscape podcast. Watch for it on YouTube and wherever you can get podcasts.

—Mayor Matt Packard


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