Mayor’s Message

Spring 2023

In preparation for the new fiscal year budget that will begin July 1, 2023, the PAR (Parks, Arts, and Recreation) Board will make its first formal recommendations to the City Council. The board consists of 17 members who in large part previously served on other city committees. Appointed by the Council, board members are residents of Springville who represent diverse interests and areas of expertise. We thank them for their selfless service.

The developing recommendations are impressive and exciting. Board members have worked in tandem with city staff to conceive realistic projects and programs that will transform Springville. As soon as the new budget is approved, we will get to work implementing the new ideas.

I can’t wait to see what PAR brings in 2023-2024 and beyond. An upcoming episode of the Art Cityscape podcast will provide a more detailed update. Look for that on YouTube or wherever you access podcasts.

—Mayor Matt Packard


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