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The Springville City Fire and Rescue department provides emergency response services and life safety education programs to the citizens of Springville, as well as being responsible for providing efficient and effective delivery of fire, medical, rescue, and life safety emergency services.

The Springville City Fire and Rescue Department was formally organized in 1910 with a fire brigade of 17 men. Today, there are approximately 65 dedicated firefighters and ambulance paramedics who strive to serve the citizens and visitors of Springville with a response ready team at all times.


Station 41
75 W. Center Street
(801) 491-5600 — non-emergent calls
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Station 42
420 S. Canyon Avenue
(801) 489-9421 — non-emergent calls
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 If you have an emergency call 911, a trained emergency dispatcher will answer your call. Please stay calm when you call 911, clearly state your emergency and your address and then continue to stay on the line with the dispatcher. Dispatchers will, most of the time, keep you on the line until emergency crews arrive. Dispatchers will send responders to help you immediately.