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It is a pleasure to serve as the Fire Chief for Springville Fire and Rescue. Life safety is our number one priority. If there is one thing we would suggest, one simple act, that can save you and your families life, is to check your smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors will sound an alarm providing early warning with enough time for you and your family to escape in case of a fire. Most all homes in the United States have smoke detectors installed; however 30 percent of those are not in working order. Smoke detectors save lives, I can attest to that, the saddest part of my job is removing fire victims from a burned home only to find out that their smoke detectors did not work.

Please check your detectors once a month, and change the batteries twice a year. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries in the Spring and Fall when the time changes. A properly maintained smoke detector, is the single most important item you can have in your home in the fight against fire related deaths.