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Elections and Voting

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2020 Voter Information


  • Ballots will be mailed the week of October 12, 2020, it’s anticipated ballots will be delivered in mailboxes as soon as Tuesday, October 13, 2020. If a voter does not have a ballot by October 16, 2020, they should contact the Utah County Elections office at 801-851-8128.
  • Information relating to dropbox locations, ballot pick-up locations, early voting, who/what is on the ballot, etc. can all be found on at UtahCounty.Vote
  • Voters are encouraged to return their voted ballot at any of the secured drop boxes located throughout the county. Dropbox locations can be found here.
  • The deadline to postmark your ballot is November 02, 2020, the day before Election Day. If a voter returns their ballot at a post office, they need to confirm that their ballot will be postmarked before Election Day.
  • Early Voting is available on October 28 – 30, 2020, and November 02, 2020, at the Utah County Elections Office. Information about Early Voting can be found here.
  • Ballot pick-up locations will be available on Election Day. Locations will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day and Utah laws permitting same-day registration via provisional ballots will be in effect on Election Day. Locations can be found here.
  • The Utah County Elections Office provides voters with disabilities accessible options to cast their ballot. A voter with a disability may contact their office at Elections@UtahCounty.Gov or call 801-851-8128 for more information.

Vote by mail Information

The 2020 Presidential Election will be conducted using vote by mail. Registered voters are not required to fill out an application for the vote by mail ballot. Each registered voter will be mailed a ballot and instructions for returning the ballot. Ballots are mailed no sooner than 21 days and no later than 14 days before an election. You may return your voted ballot in the following ways:

  • Mail your ballot, postmarked no later than the day before the election.
  • Drop off your ballot at any voter service center in the county. Locations

For information on how and where you can vote, visit vote.utah.gov

Municipal General Election

A candidate’s guide will be provided upon filing, and there will be additional training scheduled after the filing period is over.


If you are interested in being a poll worker, you will need to contact Utah County Elections at (801) 851-8128.


Candidates must be:

      • 18 years old
      • A US citizen
      • A registered voter
      • A resident of Springville (or a recently annexed area) for 12 consecutive months prior to the election.

Any mentally incompetent person, or any person convicted of a felony, or any person convicted of treason or a crime against the elective franchise may not hold office in this state until the right to vote or hold elective office is restored as provided by statute.

A candidate’s guide will be provided upon filing, and there will be additional training scheduled after the filing period is over.