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Youth City Council

Mayor Child

Mayor and City Council Top Row (L to R): Liz Crandall, Brett Nelson, Michael Snelson, Front Row: Matt Packard, Mayor Richard J. Child, Craig Jensen

Mayor and City Council

The City Council shall consist of five (5) Council Members and together with the Mayor shall constitute the governing body of the City. They are elected at large and serve staggered four-year terms on a part time basis. Elections in the City of Springville are non-partisan.


The Mayor shall be the Chairman and preside at the meetings of the City Council. His statutory responsibilities in part include:

  • Presides over City Council meetings and votes only in the event of a tie vote of the Council
  • Appointment of the City Marshall, City Recorder and City Treasurer
  • Appoint members to all official city boards and commissions with the advice and consent of the City Council
  • Shall perform all duties prescribed by law, resolution, or ordinance

City Council

Springville City Council Members are elected at large and serve four-year terms (Utah State Code 10-3-201). The Council is responsible for carrying out Springville City’s legislative and executive powers. Council members are also assigned specific oversight and coordination responsibilities for various functional areas within the city.
It is the responsibility of the City Council to establish the overall policy direction for the City. This is done by:

  • Amending and adopting ordinances
  • Adopting the budget
  • Providing administrative oversight of the Mayor and City Manager


To contact the Mayor or City Council, please click on the links below or call (801) 489-2700.

Mayor Youth Awards

Our youth are doing wonderful things in our schools and in the community that often go unrecognized.

Communities That Care Coalition, along with Mayor Rick Child and the City Council, would like to recognize, honor and reward these outstanding youth for the positive impact they are having in our schools and the community.

Mayor Youth Awards

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