There are many Art City Days contests that the public can participate or simply be a spectator. Either way there is lots of fun for everyone! Some contests require pre-registration in order to be a participant: 5K Family Fun Run, Baby Photo Contest, 3-on3 Basketball, Duct Tape Regatta. Various prizes and/or bragging rights are on the line at the following events:

June 2     5-K Family Fun Run sponsored by Nestle. Pre-registration is required. Great prizes for all participants.

June 2     Talent Festival sponsored by the Springville Arts Commission. Cash prizes will be given to the top performers for the first time this year.

June 4 – 8     Baby Photo Contest. Enter your baby photo by May 30th. Public voting is held during Art City Days.

June 4 – 8     Eye Spy Photo Hunt. Look closely at Springville and try to find the 20 things and places that are visible in plain sight to the public. Clues are posted to the website during Art City Days.

June 4 – 8     Medallion Treasure Hunt. A new clue is posted daily to the website during Art City Days. Be the first to figure out where the medallion is hidden!

June 7-8-9     Where’s Corey? Find Corey at an Art City Days event and he could give you a prize.

June 7     3-on-3 Basketball Tournament sponsored by Johnson Tire. For ages 16 and up. Put together a team with your friends or family.

June 9     Duct Tape Regatta is the splashy-est new Art City Days tradition! Enjoy the 4th annual cardboard boat race at Bartholomew Park.