Eye Spy Photo Contest

June 3 – June 8, 2019

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How well do you know Springville? A favorite Art City Days contest returns!

New 2019 photos will be posted on Monday, June 3 showing 20 different locations within Springville … but only a very small portion of the place, object or sign is shown. It is your job to figure out where the picture was taken and take a bigger picture of it.

Once you have found all the locations and taken a larger picture of the site, submit your answers to Springville Recreation in person or email artcitydays@springville.org.

The first individual or group that that gets the most correct will win a $50 Walmart gift card and a gift basket of Springville Swag including a pass for Hobble Creek Golf Course and a family pass to Clyde Rec Center. In case of a tie, the person/group that submitted their entry first will be declared the winner.

Eye Spy 2019 Clues

Eye Spy 2019 Clues with Answers

Congratulations to the Goodman family! They found all 20 of the pictures!

Chris Goodman, Ron Goodman, Erin Johnson, Ellise Goodman


Can you figure them out?

Here are three small examples of what to expect:



Last Year’s 2018 Eye Spy Clues

Last Year’s 2018 Clues with Answers