Art City Days

Medallion Treasure Hunt

June 6-10, 2022

Clues posted daily at 9 a.m.

Can you figure out the clues to find the hidden medallion?

Each day at 9 am a single clue will be revealed. Each clue gets you closer to finding a special Springville medallion hidden somewhere in the community.

Each clue is rather cryptic so it requires deductive thinking to put each part together and find the medallion. In past years the medallion has been found out in the open, but sometimes it has been in a public building. There will be a message on the medallion giving specific instructions to the person or group that finds it, which could result in winning valuable prizes including a $50 gift card and a basket of Springville Swag.

Clues are released one at a time Monday through Thursday mornings at 9 am, and a final clue if necessary may be given on Friday if the medallion hasn’t been found by then. Be aware that only 1 person knows where the medallion is hidden, so asking questions will not be helpful. Be very specific in your search as you get closer to finding the medallion, but most of all have fun!

2022 Clues


Monday, June 6th

In this time of drought, plentiful water is in doubt.
But we live in a town named for where water can be found.
Look to the ground, where the water takes a bound!

Some of the water in Bartholomew Pond comes from a spring. Burt Springs feeds down to where the medallion was hidden.


Tuesday, June 7th

As the city grows, the vegetation shows.
What once was farm is now for fun.
Kids now play where once was hay.
One change that never retired; water’s still required.

This land was previously farmed by the Wayne Bartholomew family. Water goes to the pond for recreation and secondary water supply for lawns on the west side of Springville.


Wednesday, June 8th

No medallion yet? Feeling dismay?
Skipper Jason will save the day!
Let his periscope show you the way.

Jason is the scout that for his eagle project, built the “periscope” looking pvc pipes to throw away fishing line. Recognition for his eagle project is on each post. Figuring out this clue would give certainty that the medallion is at Bartholomew Pond.


Thursday, June 9th

Periscopes aplenty but still no peace,
seek out poor sapling who bows near to east.

A kiss to this shrub, accords NO 20k grub,
yet a 330 bearing leads to a prize worth snaring.

Your feet may get wet, but don’t you sweat!
No life jackets required for the medallion to be acquired.

The sapling is the small tree right next to the path on the south side of the park. It bends to a 90 degree angle towards the east. A kiss to the shrub is a reference to the 20 thousand dollar treasure currently hidden somewhere on the Wasatch Front! The 330 degree bearing points directly to the medallion from the tree. You’ll need to get in the water to find the medallion but it’s not out in the pond where a life jacket would be needed.


Friday, June 10th

You’d be wise to learn from the Three Billy Goats Gruff!
And beware the troll who guards the treasure with all his soul!
Have you seen the Amazing Race? (Season 33 Episode 9)
These lessons will bring the prize to your face.

Three Billy Goats Gruff is a story about a troll who lived under the bridge. The medallion was hidden under the footpath bridge that goes around the pond. In the amazing race episode, all of the contestants had to search under hundreds of rocks to find a clue. The medallion was hidden under a rock.

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