Art City Days

Medallion Treasure Hunt

June 5-9, 2023

The medallion has been found!

Chelsea Wright

Chelsea Wright and her daughter Eilonwy are the 2023 Medallion winners

Clues posted daily at 9 a.m.

Can you figure out the clues to find the hidden medallion?

Each day at 9 am a single clue will be revealed. Each clue gets you closer to finding a special Springville medallion hidden somewhere in the community.

Each clue is rather cryptic so it requires deductive thinking to put each part together and find the medallion. In past years the medallion has been found out in the open, but sometimes it has been in a public building. There will be a message on the medallion giving specific instructions to the person or group that finds it, which could result in winning valuable prizes including a $50 gift card and a basket of Springville Swag.

Clues are released one at a time Monday through Thursday mornings at 9 am, and a final clue if necessary may be given on Friday if the medallion hasn’t been found by then. Be aware that only 1 person knows where the medallion is hidden, so asking questions will not be helpful. Be very specific in your search as you get closer to finding the medallion, but most of all have fun!

2023 Clues


Monday, June 5th

Last year’s prize brought water to your thighs,
But this year’s gem the water does not stem!
There’s no doubt we’ve beat the drought,
But a raging creek you should not seek!

The medallion is not anywhere near water. Don’t go near the high creek flows!


Tuesday, June 6th

Beneath a woody sheath, clues unfold.
In patterns of texture, a medallion, behold!
An outer layer gnarled and rough,
To shield the prize, resilient and tough!

The Medallion is hidden underneath the wood chips that cover the playground.


Wednesday, June 7th

Prehistoric time reaches out from long ago.
Curious kids ask about its wonder below.
Imprinted in “stone” to show us the way.
The location one can go to seize the day!
Earth, once ruled from his ancient bones
No longer upon the land he roams.

References to dinosaurs. The playground in Holdaway Park has a climbing wall with a dinosaur fossil imprinted in the “stone” of the wall. The medallion was buried below the fossil.


Thursday, June 8th

This clue will be posted at 9:00 am.


Friday, June 9th

This clue will be posted at 9:00 am.

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