Can you figure out the clues to find the hidden medallion? Each day from June 4th through June 7th a single clue will be revealed HERE on this web page at 9 am. Each clue gets you closer to finding a special Springville medallion hidden somewhere in the community. Each clue is somewhat cryptic so it requires deductive thinking to put each part together and find the medallion. In past years the medallion has been found out in the open, but sometimes it has been in a public building. There will be a message on the medallion giving specific instructions to the person or group that finds it, which could result in winning valuable prizes including a $50 Walmart gift card and a gift basket of Springville Swag.

Clues are released one at a time Monday through Thursday mornings at 9 am, and a final clue if necessary may be given on Friday if the medallion hasn’t been found by then. Be aware that only 1 person knows where the medallion is hidden, so asking questions will not be helpful. Be very specific in your search as you get closer to finding the medallion, but most of all HAVE FUN!


Photos coming soon!! Thank you all for playing again this year!.

Monday Clue # 1: 

Robert Frost penned, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” My two roads merged but now retired, my path has become more traveled, and that has made all the difference.

There is a spot on the bike trail that merges near the paintball fields.

Tuesday Clue # 2:

Not many can say that they were born, worked and retired and never moved.

This clue is talking about the old hydroelectric plant that is no longer in use but still standing.

Wednesday Clue # 3:

Beware as you seek me, you may pass through a battle ground as you approach mile three.

This clue is referring to the paintball fields.

Thursday Clue # 4:

In my prime, Springville was once 100% green, thanks in part to me.

Hydroelectricity from the Hobble Creek is definitely green energy.

If another clue had been needed for Friday or Saturday, it would have been:

Friday: “Never enter a locked gate or fenced area. Some of the greatest treasures are found when you look around or below the obvious outcome.”

Saturday: Beware, water is not always the enemy of electricity, especially when it has finished spinning the turbine that generates the high voltage.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Bergendorf for finding the medallion on Thursday morning! He will receive a prize package including a $50 Walmart gift card, a family pass to the Clyde Recreation Center, a golf pass at Hobble Creek Golf Course, and a variety of Springville City swag!

 The Bergendorf family: Scott, Jacquelyn, Jacob, Ida, Austin