Art City Days

Duct Tape Regatta

June 8, 2024

1:30 pm

Wayne Bartholomew Family Park

1090 South 2900 East

Come make a splash at Wayne Bartholomew Park after the Grand Parade on Saturday. Gather a team of friends, family, neighbors or whoever you want to help. Each team can have from 2 to 10 people.

Each team will receive some cardboard and a roll of duct tape. Teams are given 30 minutes to make a boat and paddle. One member of the team will race the boat around a buoy in the middle of the pond. The first team to paddle around the buoy and back to shore without sinking wins! Anyone can participate in this event from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at the park.

There will be enough materials available that day for a maximum of 40 teams.

Complete a Team Entry Form along with any additional Waiver Release Forms for each team member. Email or bring all the completed forms to the Rec office for your team by 3 pm on the Friday before the event. Same-day registration is available at the event.

For late registration please bring all information directly to the Regatta at Bartholomew Park to be put on a list in case additional spots are available. Team Captain will be responsible to have the team gathered and ready at competition time, and must make sure that each team member has completed the Release Form. Those without valid Release Forms will not be allowed to participate.

Thank you to our friends at Advanced Graphics in Layton, Utah for providing the cardboard.
duct tape boat race

Thank you to all our Duct Tape Regatta Sponsors: Advanced Graphics in Layton for donating the cardboard, and Sunpro for donating the duct tape!

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