Canyon Road & 620 South Intersection

In an effort to reduce vehicular speeds and provide a safer pedestrian crossing at 620 South on Canyon Road, Springville City has installed temporary traffic calming infrastructure at this intersection.

A concept interim mini-roundabout has been selected as shown in the photo below.

Roundabout Plans

The mini-roundabout will help improve safety conditions at this intersection by:

The push-button activated rapid flashing beacon lights that are currently installed at this location will remain, and add additional visibility for pedestrians crossing.


The above described improvements are temporary, with a final intersection design in the works in conjunction with the new Springville High School construction and access roadway improvements. These temporary intersection improvements have been installed

Trenchless Sewer Lining

We are starting a city-wide “trenchless sewer lining” project. This will be performed by a company called Insituform Technologies, and residents will see this contractor around town. The project will consist of placing a liner within the sewer pipe, which will rehabilitate the pipe from the inside, and extend its life. Below are images showing the areas that are being done in town, as well as some shots of the contractor in action.

Construction Map


Google Fiber

Will every resident be able to access Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is working with Springville City, private homeowner associations and property managers, to reach and access as many households as possible.

When will they start and how long will it take to complete installation?

Google Fiber expects to start construction this spring and aims to finish the initial build in about 18 months.

Will the installation be disruptive to commuter/neighborhood traffic?

Google Fiber will construct its network within city right-of-way easements, in accordance with all permitting protocol. Springville residents can expect to see construction crews in the roadways and adjacent softscapes/yards, that are part of the city’s right-of-way easements. Crews will notify residents and businesses ahead of construction staging by way of door hangers, street signage, cones and other safety and informational efforts.

Google Fiber will work to limit traffic impacts and disruption to residents. Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the Google Fiber Construction hotline at 1-877-454-6959.

Google Fiber details