Google Fiber

Construction starting Spring 2022

Google Fiber is an internet service provider with the mission of helping all communities access high-speed, high-bandwidth internet. They currently offer internet service to residents and small businesses in 18 metro areas nationwide, between 1) Google Fiber – a fiber-to-the-home network, and 2) Google Fiber Webpass – a wireless network in apartments and condominiums.

Google Fiber is a unique kind of internet service:

  • Technology Leaders: They are delivering the latest technology so you can take full advantage of a 1-gig or 2-gig connection.
  • Service Focused: Their approach is best summed up as “focus on the customer.” They focus on the details that people care about, like having several ways to reach them with real humans who can answer just about any question you have 24/7. In fact, their customers recently voted them Best Customer & Tech Support in PC Magazine’s annual best ISP survey.
  • User Friendly: No data caps/usage limits and a symmetrical connection (equal upload/download speeds).
  • No Annual Contracts: Commitment to customer flexibility, so no annual contracts.
  • Community Service: Investment in local community partners, i.e., schools and nonprofits to close the digital divide. Partnerships with programs or organizations to bring affordable or free high-speed internet to families living in public housing and community anchor institutions.
Google Fiber offers 1-Gig and 2-Gig internet products to household customers.
Google Fiber currently offers the following products in eligible markets:

  • 1 Gig: up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download, compared to the national average of 16.3 Mbps – $70/month
  • 2 Gig: up to 2,000 Mbps upload and 1,000 Mbps upload and download – $100/month
  • Google Fiber Phone: an add-on option at $10/month

Small businesses will also be able to sign up for their offerings for businesses:

  • Fiber Business 1000: up to 1,000 Mbps – $250/month
  • Fiber Business 250: up to 250 Mbps – $100/month
  • Fiber Business 100: up to 100 Mbps – $70/month

For the latest price and availability of plans, visit their website, Plans include residential service and small business service, as well an option for phone.
Google Fiber

Google Fiber is working with Springville City, private homeowner associations and property managers, to reach and access as many households as possible.
Google Fiber expects to start construction this spring and aims to finish the initial build in about 18 months.
Google Fiber will construct its network within city right-of-way easements, in accordance with all permitting protocol. Springville residents can expect to see construction crews in the roadways and adjacent softscapes/yards, that are part of the city’s right-of-way easements. Crews will notify residents and businesses ahead of construction staging by way of door hangers, street signage, cones and other safety and informational efforts.

Google Fiber will work to limit traffic impacts and disruption to residents. Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the Google Fiber Construction hotline at 1-877-454-6959.

Springville City residents can sign up for availability updates on the Google Fiber website ( Service eligibility is dependent on completion of construction in an area; therefore, eligibility will be available on a rolling basis.
Sign up
If property owners and managers of multi-family properties sign access agreements with Google Fiber, residents of those properties will be able to sign up for service. Google Fiber encourages multi-family property owners, developers, and managers to reach out by completing this form:
Fiber for Building Owners and Developers
Google Fiber currently offers internet service to residents and small businesses nationwide between Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass, in the following 16 metro areas: Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Huntsville, AL, Kansas City, KS/MO, Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Oakland, CA Orange County, CA, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Provo, UT and Salt Lake Valley, UT (Salt Lake City, Millcreek, South Salt Lake and Holladay City), Seattle, WA, The Triangle, NC, and soon, service will be offered in West Des Moines, IA and SPRINGVILLE, UT.