The Springville City Council has adopted regulations that govern the construction of fences and their location, size and design, to insure safe sight lines and to minimize the potential negative visual impact or hazard of high or unsightly fences, walls and/or retaining walls.

Apply for a Fence Permit here: Fence Permit Application

General Fence Requirements (City Code)

Fencing FAQ

Fence Permit Required

cartoon picBefore commencing construction of a fence or wall, plans shall be submitted and approved by the Community Development Department. Fences greater than six-feet in height and retaining walls greater than four-feet (including the footings) in height must meet applicable requirements of the building code and a building permit must also be secured.

To apply for a fence permit you will need to complete a Fence Permit Application and pay the $15 review fee (check or cash only). On the application you will show a site plan drawing of your property indicating the location of the proposed fence, along with, a description of the fence height and materials. You will also need to show all existing structures, adjacent streets and driveway locations. City Planning Staff will then review your application. In most cases, the permit can be issued at the counter or in one to three business days after the application is received.

Residential Fence Regulations

Interior Lots

Corner Lots

Corner Side Yard Exceptions

Decorative Vinyl Wrought Iron Type Fencing Example

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General Fence Location Illustration

Fences Illustration
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Six Foot Solid Fencing Location Illustration

Six Solid Illustration
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 Other Restrictions 

Fence Permit Application