2021 General Election Canvass

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the Board of Canvassers for the City of Springville met on November 16, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. and publicly canvassed the returns of the 2021 Springville City Municipal General Election held on November 02, 2021.  The Board of Canvassers has reviewed Resolution #2021-51 as the official Canvassers’ Report and hereby certifies the report of the General Election as accurate. Candidates elected for office beginning January 03, 2022, are as follows: Matt Packard, Mayor for a four-year term; Michael Snelson, City Council four-year term; Craig Jensen, City Council four-year term; and Chris Sorensen, City Council two-year term. Proposition 15; Parks, Arts, and Recreation (PAR) Tax passed with 69.69% of the votes cast. I, Kim Crane, City Recorder for the city of Springville, Utah, hereby certify that the information contained in this report is accurate. A full copy of the report may be viewed or obtained from the Utah Public Notice Website www.utah.gov or www.springville.org or by contacting the City Recorder at 110 South Main Street, Springville, Utah 84663 or (801) 489-2700.

Posted this 17th day of November 2021

/s/ Kim Crane, City Recorder