Waste Water

Clean water is critical for sustaining life and health of any community, yet, people often take for granted the flow of used water (wastewater) out of their homes or businesses. Wastewater, once it disappears down sinks, toilets, floor drains or other outlets, flows through a network of underground sewer pipes making its way to wastewater treatment facilities where it is cleaned and safely released back to the environment.

Safely and effectively operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer collection system and wastewater treatment facilities protects the community’s health and welfare.


Jake Nostrom
Wastewater Treatment & Sewer Department Superintendent
(801) 489-2745

Thad Monsen
Waste Water Treatment Plant Manager
(801) 489-2745

Tiffany Nielson
Office Assistant


If you would like to schedule a tour of the treatment plant, please call (801) 489-2745.

R.V. Trailer Waste

There is an R.V. trailer waste service drop available. There is no fee to empty your trailer.


Please call the SUVSWD Transfer Station (801) 489-3027 to find out where to recycle harmful chemicals.