Storm Water

The Storm Sewer Utility is part of the division of Public Works. We operate and maintain the city’s storm drains year-round to prevent flooding and water pollution within the City of Springville.

Storm drains are series of pipes and other structural facilities that convey water away from potential flooding areas. This system is a separate storm water collection and runoff system. It is not connected in any manner to the wastewater (sewer) collection system.

Storm water is not filtered, cleaned or treated before it is released to our creeks, Utah Lake or to the aquifer, so it can be a pollutant if it is not kept clean. It is a Federal, State and Municipal offense to put anything other than normal storm runoff with some exemptions into a storm drain.

If you see anyone illegally dumping or discharging chemicals, oil, paint or other pollutants in gutters or storm drains,  immediately report it by calling (801) 491-2780.

Storm Water Management Plan


Environmental Issues

You can help keep storm water clean by never dumping chemicals, oils or cleaning fluids down storm drains. Remember, if you can’t drink it — don’t dump it.