Surface Irrigation

Springville City owns and manages the irrigation canals that run through Plat A; the rest of the system is managed by the Springville Irrigation Company. Some runoff from streets does go into irrigation canals.

Plat “A” Irrigation System Contact Information

Shawn Barker
Springville City Water Superintendent
(801) 489-2742 or (801) 491-2780

Water Master (801) 358-9948

Springville Irrigation Company

Office (located above Central Bank at 210 S Main St.)
(801) 491-2985

Water Master
(801) 427-2240
Plat A Map

Pressurized Irrigation

Because the pressure of the secondary water is so much higher than culinary water, please be aware that more water will be going through your sprinkling system.  If you do not have a PRV, you will need to reduce your watering duration time to avoid high water bills.

Connection Kits

For your convenience, we have teamed up with a few local businesses that will have three different connection kits available. We recommend you call around for the best pricing. This list is intended to assist you in acquiring the necessary parts. Springville City does not endorse any of the contractors listed below.

Mountainlands Supply Co., 3537 N. Main Street, Spanish Fork (801) • 798-7880

Southwest Plumbing Supply, 995 North 2000 West, Springville • (801) 491-4337

Sprinkler World, 740 South 1750 West, Springville • (801) 794-3900

Sprinkler Supply Company, 1900 North 116 West, Spanish Fork • (801) 798-0331

Sunroc Building Materials, 35 East 400 South, Springville • (801) 491-2600

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Once you have disconnected your sprinkler system from the culinary water system and connected to secondary water, you will need to fill out the Pressurized Secondary Water Application and Agreement. Once the application/agreement has been filled out and signed, please contact Springville City Public Works to schedule an inspection at (801) 491-2780 or email.