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Sergeant Stanton performing a routine traffic stop

Springville Police Department provides a professional police service to the city twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The “Patrol Division” is comprised of eighteen sworn peace officers. The division commander holds the rank of lieutenant.

The remaining officers are divided into three five-person “teams” or shifts, each supervised by a sergeant and a corporal.

One officer from the Patrol Division is assigned to focus on traffic complaints and traffic accidents. His goal is to reduce both the number and severity of traffic accidents in the City. He is in charge of the “speed trailer” – a mobile radar with a large speed display used to remind drivers to slow down. He is also assigned to ride a motorcycle during good weather.

Another officer from the Patrol Division is assigned to work in the City Court as the bailiff. As bailiff he is responsible to transport arrestees from the Utah County Jail to court. He is also responsible to maintain order in the courtroom at the direction of the City Judge.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are the most visible members of the department. They wear uniforms and drive marked patrol vehicles. They are also the primary ‘first responders’ to emergencies in the City. If you need to speak with an officer, you will usually begin by speaking with a patrol officer.

You may contact the Police Department by calling 801 489-9421 any time, day or night.

Be Safe

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