Tournaments & Outings

Hosting golf tournaments and outings is a valued part of our business. Working with your company or group we will try to find dates and times that will work for both your event and the course. Each year we host many tournaments that range from half day events to full day events. Our goal is to help create a memorable successful experience for your event guests. A successful event is our goal for every client looking to host a premium golf tournament, event or outing.

To help provide many choices for outings and events we offer the following rates and options:

Exclusive Course Rental

This option is exactly what it says, it secures the course exclusively for your event for the time frame agreed upon. This means that the only players on the course for that time are your guests. This option is great for groups wanting to keep their event exclusive to their guests.

1/2 Day Course Rental 6 am – 1 pm
Monday – Thursday $7,600.00 plus tax
Friday, Saturday, or Sunday $8,900.00 plus tax
Full Day Course Rental 6 am – 7 pm
Monday – Thursday $12,800.00 plus tax
Friday, Saturday, or Sunday $14,500.00 plus tax

Non-Exclusive Event Rates

This option does not provide for exclusive use on the course. Public play will begin as soon as possible or may even begin prior to the event, outing, or tournament and may be on the course ahead of and or behind the first and/or last group of the event. This type of event may not secure or be available for shotgun starts. Due to the nature of this type of event and the ability to prebook ahead of the time the following rates apply:

Monday – Thursday $62 plus tax per player
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday $68 plus tax per player