Burn Permits

Obtain an Open Burning Permit

The burn permit application link can be found about 3/4 down on the Division of Air Quality’s webpage. Follow the directions on the page to obtain a burn permit.

After obtaining a burn permit from the Division of Air Quality, the responsible party must notify Springville dispatch at (801) 489-9421, and notify them of the burn.

An Open Burning Permit is subject to the State of Utah Laws and the Rules and Regulations of Springville City. The Fire Department reserves the right to refuse, revoke or postpone the permit when the Department deems it necessary to prevent danger to life or property. The Permit shall give permission to burn only under prescribed conditions. The permit shall in no way relieve an individual from potential personal liability. Any person responsible for the existence or spread of fire, requiring suppression action, shall be liable for the payment of costs incurred.

The burning of trash, garbage, building construction materials, other waste, or for salvage operations is prohibited by the Utah State Air Pollution Control Act.


 Permissible Burning with a permit

  1.  Done when the atmospheric conditions (clearing index) indicates satisfactory to burn. The clearing index will be displayed on the burn permit, showing three consecutive days of clearing index.
  2. Shall not be done when atmospheric conditions, make such fire hazardous. (I.E.) high winds.
  3. All burning is done at a distance or more than 50 ft. from any building, structure, or other combustible materials.
  4. An adequate water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment shall be available.
  5. The burning area shall be constantly attended by a competent person and shall be completely extinguished before being left alone.
  6. All burning will be done only during daylight hours between the time of one-half hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunset.
  7. For yard clean up activities during the burn period as set up by the Division of Air Quality; if it was grown on the property it may be burned on the property.
  8. All materials are to be thoroughly dry and no trash, rubbish, tires, plastic or oil can be used to start fires or included in the materials to be burned.
  9. Only one pile may be burned at a time, and it must be extinguished before starting another.

It should be noted that any fire permitted or not if it becomes a nuisance to the public the fire department can require the fire to be extinguished.

Other Remaining Fires

The requirements for an open recreational fire within a residential area are as follows:

(Religious, Recreational, Cooking, Warmth.)

Requirements:Fire Extinguisher

  1. Total fuel area 6 sq ft. (3’ in diameter x 2’ tall)
  2. Must be constantly attended
  3. Must have an extinguishing agent and a means to apply it.
  4. Bonfires need to be 50’ from a structure and have no means of fire spread.
  5. Recreational fires must be 25’ from a structure and have no means of fire spread.
  6. Portable our door fire place must be 15’ from a structure with no means of fire spread.

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