Swim Lessons


Swimming Lessons

Level 1 Beginner

Lesson goals for your swimmer:

Level 2 Intermediate

Lesson goals for your swimmer:

Level 3 Proficient

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Level 4 Advanced

Lesson goals for your swimmer:

Summer swim lesson sessions begin the first week of June and are held every week through the second week of August, (Monday-Friday) from 9am-12pm, for 30 minutes each. Sessions for Summer are posted in April. Swim lessons through the Fall and Winter are during the 2nd week of the month in the afternoons. Sessions run for 30 minutes each from 4-6pm. Enrollments are posted on the last day of the prior month’s session.

*If lesson enrollments are full, come by and visit the front desk to fill out a swim lesson request form and our coordinator will do their best to accommodate you into the schedule.
*Please enroll your child under their name and not the parent/guardian name.
*Visit the Rec1 website, visit the front desk, or call to enroll your child and check for future sessions and cost.

Adaptive Swim Lessons

Adaptive classes will be held with the guardian’s guidance of what the goals are for the swimmer. Classes will take place in an environment that will best help the student meet their goals. Examples are: noise controlled areas, less visuals, less colors, chairs that lower swimmers into the water, etc.

Instructors will be in communication with the guardians throughout the duration of the session, this will ensure that guardians know what is happening and what changes may be made. Students may have one to two instructors in the water with them at a time depending on student needs.

*Enroll the swimmer under their name on the Mindbody Website under the “Adaptive Swim Lesson” tab.
Guardians will fill out a form explaining what the students’ needs are and if there are any other needed adaptations such as behavioral plans, triggers, modifications, etc. that their instructor needs to be aware of before the first day.

Please fill out a survey before classes start or call and leave your email and/or number to be contacted by us.

Mermaid Programs

Fin Swim

This swim lesson teaches swimmers the basic swim skills while wearing a Mono-fin (Mermaid tail) they will learn safety skills, quick release, recovery, Rolling in the water, and activities to gain confidence while swimming in a mono-fin. this class is held in the outdoor pool as long as the weather is good. sunscreen is recommended. Passing this class allows young swimmers to swim with their monofin in our pools.
This class is a total of 5, 45 min classes.

*Please enroll your child under their name, not the parent/guardian name

Mermaid Discovery

Join us for a fun filled night of mermaid fun! Saturdays from 7-8pm.
This class is an opportunity to practice your mermaid swimming skills and make friends with like-minded merfolk.
*Please note, if you are under 15 years of age you must complete a mermaid safety class and receive a wrist band to attend Mermaid Discovery class. If you are 15+ you are not required to wear a wristband nor complete the safety course. Everyone must bring their OWN mermaid tail to swim with, the CRC does not provide tails. We hope to “sea” you there!

Aqua Beginnings

Aqua beginnings is a fun swim class for you and your child to enjoy. Our goal is for your child to learn in a safe and trauma free environment. You and your child will enjoy playing together while learning skills such as

*Please enroll your child under their name and not the parent/guardian
*Check the Mindbody website for class times
This class is free with a CRC membership and the day-pass fee without a CRC membership

Swim Lessons Refund Policy

  1. In the event of a cancellation by you (the Patron), within 3 days of the swim lesson, CRC Swim School will provide you with a full refund and charged a $15 cancelation fee. This refund will be arranged at the time of the cancelation.
  2. Cancellations due to illness will not be charged a $15 cancelation fee. You will receive a credit to reschedule your missed days due to the illness within CRC Swim School Times. No refunds will be offered for illness.
  3. If CRC Swim School needs to cancel a class for any reason, we will attempt to provide a make-up class. If a make-up class is not made available, credit will be applied to your account.