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Youth Court Adult Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering for Springville Youth Court! As an SYC volunteer, you will assist youth volunteers in their preparation for hearings. Your duties may include: supervising during client interviews, answering questions from parents, helping the youth volunteers write opening and closing statements, supervising in pretrial public speaking practice, and facilitating a smooth transition between cases.

As SYC is a completely peer led court, you will not be an active participant in the hearings. You are, however, welcome and encouraged to watch the hearings and see the volunteers in action. Please note you will hear sensitive information concerning the youth offenders that must remain confidential. The following policies are for your information. By volunteering with SYC you commit to follow the following policies:


1. Background checks: A background check must be completed. Please come in person to the Springville City offices for a background check.

2. Respect: Demonstrate acceptance and respect for all youth court volunteers and youth court respondents; do not demonstrate bias.

3. Confidentiality: Keep all information regarding respondents and all matters pertaining to court cases absolutely confidential.

4. Professionalism: Maintain a professional appearance while on volunteer service. Make sure that all conversation is appropriate for high school students and maintain a mentoring relationship with students.

5. Time with youth: Do not put yourself in one-on-one situations with youth outside a public space. The exception to this is when providing approved transportation as explained below.

6. Transportation: In general, you should not provide transportation to any youth. The exception for youth volunteers only, is as follows:

a. If you have spoken personally or on the phone to the youth’s parent or guardian and he/she has verbally indicated that it is okay for the youth to receive a ride. This process must be followed every time transportation is provided.

b. You must drive directly from training or court to or from the youth’s residence and make no additional stops along the way.


Mandatory Reporting

According to UCA 62A-4a-403, any person who comes into contact with youth is a mandatory reporter. This means that if you have reasonable cause to believe a child, either a volunteer or respondent, is being abused, you are required to report such abuse or suspected abuse. An oral report shall be made immediately, but in no case later than 24 hours from the time there is reasonable cause to believe a child has been abused, by telephone or otherwise and followed by a report in writing, if requested, to a child welfare agency providing protective services, as designated by the Department of Human Services, or, in the absence of such agency, to an appropriate police authority or district attorney.


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