Springville Civic Center

110 South Main Street

Springville City, UT 84663


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Volunteer Opportunities

Art City Days

  • There are many different positions and committees needed for Art City Days. For information on volunteering for Art City Days, please send an email.

Buildings & Grounds Department

    • Brush and debris removal along trailways. (repeatable)
    • Weeding along trailways. (repeatable)
    • Applying oil/ painting park signs and pavilions. (annual)
    • Painting stripes in parking lots. (annual)
    • Assist tree crew with tree plantings. (annual)
    • Sweeping gutters at all parks and public buildings. (repeatable)
    • Weeding all planting beds at City Hall and Library. (repeatable)
    • Pulling weeds from baseball diamond infields. (repeatable)
    • Assist with hanging and taking down Christmas lights at City Hall and along Main Street. (annual)
    • Window washing. (repeatable)
    • Paint Heritage Park Restroom. (annual)
    • Prune roses and shrubs at cemeteries. (repeatable)
    • Clean graffiti from playgrounds and Skate Park. (repeatable)
    • Paint bleachers – Recreation department. will provide the paint



    • Library Aide – help with story time and other programs
    • Re-shelve books
    • Book repair
    • Book sorting
    • Organizing story kits
    • Helping to prepare for programs
    • Washing windows
    • Wipe down computers



    • Work with artists; take in and collect art work for juried exhibitions
    • Assist with outside Grounds Care (Spring planting, Fall cleanup)
    • Hafen-Dallin Volunteer Guild Leadership – President, Historian, Secretary…
    • Docent tour guide (give tours of the Museum’s collection to groups of children &/or adults)
    •  Library – Research, catalog, archive
    • Volunteer Brunches – Decorate, catering, floral arrangements
    • Fundraisers – Develop & implement creative ways to raise funds for the Museum
    • Indoor Plant Care – water, preen, fertilize
    • Publicity – press releases, social media, media listings, photography at events
    • Artist booths – Help children create art at the Children’s Art Festival
    • Instrumental or vocal performances at exhibition openings/events
    • Artist presentations at Community & Family Night
    • Artist demonstrations during events
    • Write and/or design monthly volunteer newsletter
    • Graphic Design – brochures and signage
    • Assist with obtaining donations for special events & programs
    • Development – Search the web for funding sources, assist with grant preparation & writing
    • Assist curating shows; research, selection, hanging, labeling
    • Assist with special events & public programs

    Police & Fire Departments

    • Help in identifying abandoned and long term parking problems in Springville.  Volunteers could red tag vehicles and then follow-up to see if the vehicles are moved.
    • Document vehicles speeding in pre-defined areas.  The department would then follow-up by sending warning letters to the registered owners.
    • The Springville Police Shooting Range, at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon is in need of some basic maintenance.  Weeds, garbage collection (shell casings, broken clay pigeons, spent shotgun shells, etc) and raking of gravel and sweeping of sidewalks needs to be done.  There is also some painting on the shade cover that could be done if the group is inclined.
    • Painting fire hydrants.  This has been done before by Eagle Scout candidates, but does not need to be eagle scouts.  There is always need for this.
    • Washing of fire department apparatus.  (We have had school groups do this in the past.)
    • Washing of the fire department bay area.  On a quarterly basis all fire rigs are pulled out and the fire bay floor is scrubbed and washed down.

    Power Department

    • Painting and cleaning up around the Whitehead Power Plant
    • Pulling weeds that are growing around the outsides of the substations
    • Picking up rocks around Lower Bartholomew sub and hydro
    • Cleaning around URD switches in the spring creek industrial park

    Public Works

    • Sweep gutters
    • Clean up park strips that don’t have resident frontage (i.e., Brookside facing 400 South)
    • Trash clean-up in vacant lots
    • Downtown sidewalk cleaning/sweeping
    • Hobble Creek cleanout
    • Remove the weeds between back of curb & sidewalk where there is no park strip
    • Shovel snow from Bus Stop areas
    • Paint Red curbs
    • Cleaning out drainage inlets (grates)
    • Clean gutters and grates of debris
    • Clean weeds out of gutters and sidewalks
    • Chip asphalt off the manhole lids
    • String trimming and cleaning the ditches in Plat A
    • Pruning trees out of the creek along 100 East
    • Cleaning up garbage along roadsides

    Springville City Boards and Commissions