Scout Projects

Springville City encourages Scouts and is happy to assist in the development of projects.

It is recommended that Scout prospects look around their neighborhoods and identify projects that could be completed.

The project must be significant enough for you to show leadership above anything else you have done. Remember you will be in charge of the project and your helpers.

During your selection process, remember to have your project complex enough to show the size and scope of you planning and developing your Scout project.

Please select projects that do not require a lot of up keep from the City.

Please note that Springville City does NOT provide materials for Scout projects.

Once a project has been selected and approved, you will need to submit a written, detailed schedule of the scope of work to be done which should include:

  • Project start and completion dates
  • Project details: include daily procedures, explaining how and when each phase will progress throughout project completion
  • Materials and supplies you will use and where they will come from
  • Names and phone numbers of the adults that will be supervising the project

If you are interested in doing a Scout project with Springville City, please contact one of the city departments listed below to see if they have any projects available.

(801) 489-2770

City Parks
(801) 489-2770

Senior Center
(801) 489-8738

Swimming Pool
(801) 489-2731

Volunteer Services website

Springville Scouts website