Service Connection Information

To apply for utility services,  please visit the utility services page and sign up for utilities using the Xpress Bill Pay service, or sign up in person at the City Offices at 110 South Main and fill out the paperwork and pay a deposit. Deposits required are:

• Rentals — $150
• Owner-occupied — $100
• Businesses will be determined by kilowatt usage, ranging from $300 to $500

Deposits may be deferred for renters and owners with a co-signer or a two (2) year history letter of credit form a previous utility service account. Businesses can have deposit deferred by letter of credit only. Renters and owner occupied shall receive a deposit credit after two (2) years, if they have kept their utility accounts current. Businesses will be two (2) years. Applications received after 10 a.m. will be connected the following business day.

At the time of application a connection fee will be charged to new residents in connection with the comprehensive fee schedule adopted by the City.

Utility Accounts

A combined bill for all utility services is mailed the first week of every month. Payment is due by the 25th of the month. Past due balances are charged a 1.5% late fee on the unpaid balance.

Shut-Off For Non-Payment

If an account is 20 or more days past due, the account is considered delinquent, and electric service will be shut off. There will be a $10 penalty fee charged for shut off notices that are mailed out. To have service reconnected, the full amount owing on the account (both past due and current balances) plus a $40 service fee must be paid.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

Generally, where multiple units are serviced by one water meter, landlords are required to pay for the water and sewer charges. Although not required, a landlord/owner can request that the service automatically be put back in their name when their property becomes vacant.

Landlord Agreement