ZUMBA classes are held at 8 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Ready to have fun while you work out? Zumba® Fitness is a fun, effective, Latin inspired dance-fitness class that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. Adults and youth ages 12 and up can join instructor Shannon Robinson in an easy-to-follow workout that leaves you sweatier, stronger, and happier than when you came. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00 pm on the north side of the Community Services Building (443 South 200 East). Cost is $5/class or $20/month.  Classes are ongoing year round; join anytime! Sign up and pay monthly online through Rec1, or pay at the cash box in class.

ZUMBA classes will be moved to Clyde Recreation Center when construction is complete.

Below are some reviews from Zumba students:

“I am new to the class and love it! Shannon is so sweet and positive and the facilities are comfortable and enjoyable. It is like a dance party every time I come.” ~ Shauna

“So I was looking for a workout place in the evening. I saw that Zumba was the only thing that was offered in the late evening. I have always been intimidated by Zumba in big gyms, but wanted a group class, so I decided to try it and it literally changed my life. I struggle with depression and I know exercise is good for that, but hard to want to do. Shannon makes exercising fun!!! She is very easy to follow, and after an hour of a fantastic workout, it felt more like I just had fun!   I have lost A LOT of weight and it has helped me pursue other dreams, like running!! If you want a great workout without realizing it, this is definitely the place!!! I especially love her positive energy.   Shannon truly cares about her students, and wants everyone to feel great and enjoy working out!!” ~ Mindy B.

“The routines are very hip and fun. Shannon is a positive and encouraging instructor and boosts my confidence in class. I’m definitely hooked!.” ~ Kayla R.

“I love coming to Zumba because Shannon is so fun and energetic. She is an excellent instructor and makes everyone feel welcome. It is a very good workout and is helping me with weight bearing movements for my back and knees. Even though I struggle to get through some nights I keep coming because it is very beneficial.” ~ Kris

“Shannon is the best Zumba teacher. Her routines are easy to follow and can adapt to high or low intensity as needed. She is so fun and encouraging! I always feel better after coming.” ~ Laura

“Zumba with Shannon has been my refuge for the last 4 years. From losing post pregnancy weight, to breaking weight plateaus, to gaining strength that I had lost from previous muscular injuries to feeling like the most beautiful dancer on the planet, Shannon has been instrumental in all of it. You can set your pace depending on your own exercise goals and still feel you got the best workout given the kind of instructor she is. It’s more than a class for me. It’s an integral part of my being now. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone who enjoys good music, doesn’t want a boring workout and most of all, wants to have serious fun. You could be at any level of strength and fitness, have three left feet and still feel like a million bucks after an hour of jiving to the most happening playlists.” ~ Pritha L.

“Shannon has a very positive and uplifting personality. She takes the time to understand your difficulties and helps you to make the most of her class no matter what level you are at or what you are wanting to achieve. The class is fun and gets you off the couch! Try it, you might like it!” ~ Cheryl

“I have tried different Zumba classes and I was not able to stick with them, until I found Shannon’s class! She mixes it up and makes it super fun. She has a fabulous upbeat energy! I look forward to coming to every class! Love it and her!” ~ Missy J.

“Such a great instructor and a great time. This is my second week and I already find myself looking forward to class time. I feel great after and it has definitely changed my negative mood during the week.”  ~ Whitney

“I love this class!” Shannon is great at making it accessible to many levels of fitness and has a great taste in music! She is always upbeat and encouraging and gets to know her students. I have a great time every time I come and leave feeling energized and refreshed!” ~ Tara

“Shannon is an amazing, experienced instructor. She really wants those in her Zumba class to feel good. She is easy to follow and makes working out fun.” ~ Chelsea T.

“My 30-something daughters decided this would be good for all of us, and it is! Shannon doesn’t pressure me to do as high intensity as the youngsters, but keeps me moving at my own pace. It is a wonderful workout for all ages and abilities!” ~ Patrice


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