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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Pressurized Irrigation

  • What is pressurized irrigation (secondary water)?

  • In Springville, “Secondary Water” means taking reservoir water and distributing it through pressure pipes to certain neighborhoods on the west side of the city. Secondary Water is NOT drinking water and is unsafe to drink.
    The secondary water system is for irrigation only and is completely separate from the drinking water system.
    Property owners within the area served by secondary water can now connect to the system after filling out an application/agreement with Springville City and completing an inspection.

  • Where is the pressurized irrigation system available?

  • On the west side of the City, from approximately 500 North to 1600 South, between approximately 400 West and 1750 West.
    View service area map
    If you are wondering if you qualify, please call Public Works at (801) 491-2780.

  • Will using pressurized irrigation save me money?

  • The City estimates an annual savings by up to $55 to residents who switch over and use pressurized irrigation.

    Each month, the first 5,000 gallons of secondary water used are free.

  • Connection to System

  • Can I make the connection myself?

  • Yes, you can make the connection to the pressurized irrigation system yourself providing that you know the proper procedure for connecting to the secondary system.
    Connection instructions will be provided by the City and connection kits with the proper hardware will be available for purchase at the following suppliers:

    Mountainlands Supply Co. (3537 N. Main, Spanish Fork)
    Southwest Plumbing Supply (995 N. 2000 W., Springville)
    Sprinkler Supply Company (1900 N. 116 W., Spanish Fork)
    Sprinkler World (740 S. 1750 W., Springville)
    Sunroc Building Materials (35 E. 400 S., Springville).

    If you are not comfortable making the connection, we recommend hiring a licensed, qualified contractor.
    If you do the job yourself, make sure the drinking water piping is NOT connected to the secondary water. The pressure in the secondary system is higher than the pressure in the culinary water system and secondary water will be forced into the drinking water and will contaminate the drinking water system. Those drinking this water may become seriously ill.
    If in doubt, contact the Springville Public Works department at (801) 491-2780.

  • What will the water pressure be?

  • The pressure of the secondary water system will typically be higher than the drinking water system. An estimated pressure range would be between 100 and 125 psi.

    • For existing sprinkler systems, we recommend a pressure reducing valve be used to protect your existing sprinkler system.
    • For new sprinkler systems, we recommend designing to 40 psi in the event the City reduces the overall pressure of the City’s pressurized irrigation system.


  • Do I need a filter?

  • The City recommends you install a filter on your sprinkling system to catch any debris that may pass through the City’s screening system. Without a filter your sprinklers may become clogged. Please refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

  • Rates and Credits

  • Why is the City metering pressurized irrigation (secondary water)?

  • The water will be metered for water conservation. Historically, people tend to waste water if it isn’t metered.

  • What will my new water rate be?

  • You will only be billed one base rate for both drinking and pressurized irrigation (secondary water), but the tiered water usage rates will change. The pressurized irrigation (secondary water) usage rates will be 10% cheaper than the culinary water (drinking water) usage rates.
    If you have secondary water available to you, but choose not to connect to it, your culinary water usage rates will go up 10%. Please refer to the utility rate page here for more informaiton on rates.

  • Signing Up

  • If pressurized irrigation (secondary water) is available in my area, why should I sign up?

  • Residents who use the secondary water system won’t be watering their lawns with culinary water. In addition, the City will be offering customer incentives/credits for those who choose to connect to the pressurized irrigation (secondary water) system. See rates and credits in the above section.
    There are several benefits for residents for signing up for pressurized irrigation. The biggest reason is the wise use of water resources. This system will extend the life of the City’s existing culinary water system, reduce the cost of treating outdoor water and will help to conserve water. The more residents that use the secondary water system for irrigation, the more water will be preserved and available for culinary use.
    The City will save money that would have to be used on finding new water sources or drilling new wells, which will keep costs lower.

  • I want to sign up! What’s the next step?

  • To sign up for the pressurized irrigation system, download an application/agreement here or visit the Springville City Offices at 110 S. Main Street to pick one up. Fill out and submit the application as directed on the completed and signed application/agreement.