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Commercial Customer-Owned Generation Program


Program Conditions

Springville City reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, or modify the Commercial Customer-Owned Generation Program or the Commercial Customer-Owned Generation requirements, including equipment modifications. Please contact Springville City Power to get the most up-to-date information concerning Springville’s Commercial Customer-Owned Generation Program between the hours of 7 am to 3:30 pm at 801-489-2750.

General Requirements

a. Program participation is available for Commercial Customer-Owned Generating Facilities.
b. The Generating Facility must be installed in Springville City’s electric service territory.
c. Customer must meet all Springville City interconnection requirements (as set forth in the Springville City Rules and Requirements) before interconnecting the Generating Facility.
d. The customer named on the Commercial Customer-Owned Generation Application must be the Springville City Customer of Record or Account Holder of an active Springville City account at the proposed site of the customer generating facility.

Program Rates and Fees

Program participants will be subject to rates, credits and fees listed in Springville City’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule. Billing practices are described by Springville City Code 4-1-118. All Springville City price plans and rates are subject to change in accordance with Springville City’s need to adjust to Industry Rules and Practices, Federal or State Regulations, and Changes in Technology. Current Springville City Energy Portfolio structure or volatile Market Conditions may also contribute to changes in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

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