Animal Control

Springville Police Department has two animal control officers. Together they handle nearly 2, 000 cases each year, ranging from strays to animal abuse. They pick up countless sick and/or injured animals each year; some running loose or injured when hit by a motor vehicle, others when pet owners call to have an animal picked up.

These officers also issue citations to pet owners who fail to properly care for their pets, who fail to immunize and/or license their animals, or who allow their pets to roam freely through the city.

We no longer keep animals in a City Shelter. Instead all strays that are picked up are taken to a county-wide shelter. If you are looking for your lost animal, or if you need to license your dog, you may get information by calling (801) 851-4080 or visiting theĀ South Utah Valley Animal Shelter website listed below.

Thank you,

Your Springville Animal Control Officers