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Cherrington Park

In our continuing effort to respond to the evolving recreational needs of the community, the City of Springville is pleased to present an opportunity for a private contractor to design/build a bicycle park, pump track & playground to be located in Cherrington Park, Spring Creek Canyon and the Clyde Recreation Center site (“the project”). The awarded contractor will be required to meet the goals, vision, fiscal responsibilities and interests of the City in professionalism and consistency, and demonstrate the ability to design/build facilities of this nature. The City is committed to ensuring that the process is conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner. The application process for this project will assist the City with selecting the best and most qualified contractor for the City’s purposes and entering into a contract with the selected contractor.

The contractor will provide design/build documents and construction management services for development of the project. Specific services of the contractor will include, but not be limited to: preparation of design/build drawings, specifications and details, construction cost estimating that is fiscally responsible to the City’s budget and its residents, development of a phasing plan, project management, construction of the project, final feature shaping and ride testing. The selected contractor will be responsible for preparing a detailed scope of professional services as part of their Request for Proposal (RFP) submittal. The successful selected contractor will work with the City’s assigned project manager to best meet the needs and expectations of the community, taking into account the desires and direction provided by the City Council, other staff members and the City’s Parks and Recreation Board. The City intends to provide a comprehensive and fiscally responsible facility to the Springville City residents, as well as guidance and direction on how to best maintain the park and its amenities so it can benefit the residents and the City’s budget for the years to come. The City envisions the project to be designed and constructed at the highest standards that will make a significant improvement to the visual quality and ambience of the park and its community, while providing a recreational opportunity to the public.

The City envisions the project at Cherrington Park to include a combination of some the following features: skills course, jump lines, intermediate/advanced asphalt pump track, gravity jump trails, pump and bump skills loop flow trails, bike playground feature, trail loop, hiking/walking/biking trails and shaded seating areas for patrons to relax and enjoy the project atmosphere. The project at Cherrington Park will also include a landscaped buffer zone on the west side and an asphalt parking lot built according to City specifications. The City envisions the project at Spring Creek Canyon to include a progressive level skills course that should include flow trails, jump lines and jump line features. The City envisions the project at the Clyde Recreation Center site to include a bike playground facility, meant for ages 2-15, that will also include some turf, shaded seating, and landscaping strategically planned into the design. Please note that completion of the project at all three sites will be based on available budget and estimated costs provided by contractors through the RFP process.

The City hopes to begin the project in the Spring/Summer of 2022 and we feel the improvements at all three sites will serve our residents in a positive way.