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Canyon Park Policies

General Information

Springville City operates over 400 acres of parks and campgrounds in Hobble Creek Canyon. The parks include Jolley’s Ranch, Kelly’s Grove, and Rotary Park. The areas are located just past Hobble Creek Golf Course on both forks of Hobble Creek Canyon Road. The Canyon Parks offer picnicking, camping and pavilion rentals.


Pavilion Rentals

We have ten pavilions of various sizes available to rent in our Canyon Parks. The pavilions may be rented for family gatherings, large group camping, company parties, church activities, weddings, and other events. All of our pavilions are fee areas. Use of our pavilions is by paid reservation only. Rental rates depend on pavilion size and length of the reservation. Pavilion areas are open April through September, weather permitting.

Pavilion Use

• Pavilion use times are 12 p.m. (noon) to 10 p.m. for day use and 12 p.m. (noon) to 10 a.m. for overnight use.

• Restrooms, playgrounds, common areas, picnic areas, sports fields, volleyball, and horseshoes are not included in any reservation and are available to all park patrons.

• Barbecues, electricity and drinking water are available at the pavilions. Lights in the pavilion come on and off with a timer.

• Pavilion users may use associated parking areas.

• Please bring your own trash bags. Leave your trash in the dumpster by your pavilion or carry it out with you.

Pavilion Reservations

• All pavilion areas are reservation areas.

• Reservations may be made online at least seven days in advance or at the Parks office.

• All reservation fees must be paid in full when reservation is made.

When a reservation is made, the person making the reservation will accept full responsibility for their group and their group’s activities. The responsible party will accept responsibility for notification of dates, times, and all park rules as well as financial responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of his/her group’s activities.

CANYON PAVILION CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancellation is made at least three months prior your reservation, a 90% refund will be given. If cancellation is  made at least three weeks to three months prior, a 50% refund will be given. Cancellations received within three weeks prior to your reservation will not receive a refund . No refund will be given if your group simply chooses not to use the pavilion or bad weather occurs.

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Springville City prohibits the use of inflatable “bounce houses” and other such devices on our City and Canyon Parks. Water slides, dunk tanks and any other such devices are prohibited because they require precious water resources and they burn the grass.

General Regulations

• A pavilion reservation includes the pavilion and the area immediately around that pavilion for camping and parking. Parking vehicles, trailers or motor homes on the grass is not acceptable. The campground at Jolley’s Ranch is not included with a pavilion reservation.

• RV’s must not be plugged into pavilion outlets or the circuits will be tripped, causing pavilion to lose electrical power.

• Park quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

• All vehicles, RVs, trailers, etc. are to remain on roads or designated parking areas at all times.

• Park speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

• Pets must be leashed, controlled, and cleaned up after. Pets should be kept in a kennel or inside a vehicle at night.

• No ATVs or off road motorcycles may be operated within the Canyon Parks boundaries.

• No fireworks of any kind are allowed within the boundaries of the Canyon Parks.

• Horses are not allowed within the boundaries of the Canyon Parks.

• No person shall discharge a firearm in a city park.

• The Canyon Parks are watered and mowed at least once weekly. Your group may be asked to accommodate these activities. In an area where tents are pitched, tents will need to be moved every two days to preserve the grass.

• If your group arrives early or leaves late, you may be charged an overuse fee of up to $100 per occurrence.

Each pavilion has a group size limit. The limit is based on pavilion size, restroom size and available parking area. If your group is too large for one pavilion, you may need to reserve more than one pavilion area. Oversized groups may be asked to leave and/or fined up to $100.

Alcohol and Smoking

• Park users are prohibited from consuming alcohol and/or smoking within the boundaries of the Canyon Parks at any time.

• Park users are discouraged from having alcohol in their possession while within the boundaries of the Canyon Parks.


• Campfires and cooking fires may be lit in designated areas.

• Pavilions have a fireplace, fire pit or barbecue stand. Campsites have fire pits and barbecue stands.

• Please keep fires small and monitor at all times.

• Firewood may be purchased from the Camp Host at Jolley’s Ranch Campground.

• Please don’t cut live or standing trees for firewood on Canyon Parks property. Loose, dead wood on the ground may be used for firewood.

• Please ask about fire restrictions before your stay in the Canyon Parks.

Jolley’s Ranch Campground

Most campsites have power hookups. All campsites have water and there are restrooms (flush toilets) on site. Please fill your RV/trailer tanks before arriving at the campground as water resources are limited. There are no showers or sewage facilities available. The campground is not included with a pavilion rental. Campgrounds are open April through October, weather permitting.

Jolley’s Ranch Campground Use

• Campsites are fee areas.

• Camping fees are paid online or collected by a Camp Host or Canyon Parks staff.

• Check-in/Check-out time is 1 p.m.

• Campers may stay up to seven consecutive days.

• Please keep campsites clean and in good order. Items should not be left in such a manner that would attract wildlife.

Campsite Reservations

Campsite reservations must be made online at least seven days in advance or in person at the Parks office.

JOLLEY’S RANCH CAMPGROUND CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancellation is made at least three months prior to your reservation, a 90% refund will be given. If cancellation is  made at least one week to three months prior, a 50% refund will be given. Cancellations received within one week prior to your reservation will not receive a refund . No refund will be given if you simply choose not to use the campsite or bad weather occurs.

Campsite Capacities

• Campsites may be occupied by the following

• 2 tents and 2 vehicles

• 1 RV or trailer and 1 tent

• 1 RV or 1 trailer and its towing vehicle and 1 other vehicle

• Any additional tents or vehicles must pay additional fees.

Picnic Sites and Common Areas

Our Canyon Parks have several picnic sites and common areas that are available for all to use, free of charge. However, these areas do not include pavilion areas or campsites. Jolley’s Ranch has the Bear’s Picnic Area which is dedicated to picnicking. Kelly’s Grove also has the new Knight Picnic Area. All picnic areas and common areas are for day use and may be used until it is dark.

• Picnic areas are defined as areas with picnic tables that are not located under or within 100 feet of a pavilion. These are areas available for open use as well as the Bear’s Picnic Area in Jolley’s Ranch and Knight Picnic Area in Kelly’s Grove.

• Picnic areas are day use areas.

• All picnic areas will be available for use without reservations and without fees.

• Picnic areas are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Hobble Creek Parkway Trail

Enjoy the beauty of Hobble Creek Canyon as a pedestrian or cyclist on the Hobble Creek Parkway Trail. There is approximately two miles of trail in the canyon which continues into and through the city of Springville.

Driving Directions to Hobble Creek Canyon Parks

From I-15, take Springville exit 260 and turn east. Travel east until you reach the intersection at 1300 East/Canyon Road (roundabout). Turn south (right) onto Canyon Road and remain on Canyon Road for approximately 4 miles. The Canyon Parks begin with Kelly’s Grove, just beyond the Hobble Creek Golf Course. Rotary Park is on the left fork of Canyon Road immediately after the road forks. Jolley’s Ranch is on the right fork of Canyon Road about ½ mile past Kelly’s Grove.


Your group will be expected to use the area responsibly. The pavilion will be cleaned before you arrive and after you leave. The restrooms will be cleaned once daily. Damage beyond normal usage and vandalism will not be tolerated. The cost of repairing any damage or vandalism will be charged to your group through the person who made and paid for the reservation, including the possibility of court costs and a reasonable attorney’s fee. Failure to remit these costs will result in temporary or permanent refusal by the City to accept any future reservations from your group or any representative from your group. Minimum charge for damage is $100.