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Tree Topping

Desiccated TreesTree topping in an unacceptable pruning practice. Tree topping involves removing the whole tops of trees, branches, and/or stems using cuts that result in stubs and lateral branches that are too small to assume the role of terminal leader. The resulting growth from topping cuts will be poorly attached to the tree and grow on stems that can have unchecked decay. Other common names for topping include hat-racking, rounding over, heading back, and tipping.

Reasons you should never top a tree

  • Topping severely reduces the trees ability to photosynthesize.
  • Topping will cause decay to spread through the tree.
  • Growth resulting from topping is poorly attached to the tree and can become hazardous.
  • Topped trees look terrible.
  • A topped tree can be considered a risk to your property and can raise insurance rates or lower property values.
  • Topping reduces the life span of the tree.

Anytime you need to prune a tree, please consult a Certified Arborist.

Please be aware that Springville City Code prohibits topping any tree in the public domain.

View City Code

If you have any questions about tree pruning, please call (801) 491-2737.