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Urban Forestry

Springville City takes great pride in their urban forest and urban forestry program. Springville employs Certified Arborists who are trained professionals in the art and science of tree care and maintenance. Our Urban Forestry division oversees Springville’s street trees and all trees at the City’s parks, facilities, and open spaces.

Reporting Tree Concerns

Springville City’s arborists are concerned about trees that appear to be dead, dying, or diseased, that have large broken limbs, low limbs, or limbs blocking traffic signs, signals or intersection sight lines. The Urban Forestry staff prunes or removes publicly owned trees according to the type and severity of each problem.

To report concerns about trees causing a public hazard call (801) 491-2737 or (801) 489-2770 or email

Urban Forest Benefits

  • Shade for homes, businesses, streets, and sidewalks to keep us cool and save energy.
  • Improve air quality, filter storm and runoff water, reduce erosion, etc.
  • Trees shade grass and other plantings which reduces the amount of water needed for healthy landscapes.
  • Tree can increase property values of both homes and business properties.
  • Residential streets that have street trees have been shown to have slower traffic.
  • Trees create a higher sense of well-being and have shown to increase healing.
  • Trees have even been shown to reduce crime rates in some areas.
  • Springville has been recognized as a Tree City USA every year since 1979.