Cemetery Policy

Policy Effective: July 1, 2014


The primary use of Springville City Cemeteries is for the burial of deceased persons according to Springville City and Sate Codes. All other uses of cemetery facilities and grounds will be discouraged. Residents and non-residents of Springville may be interred in Springville City cemeteries. Springville Cemeteries will operate under the direction of the Director of Buildings and Grounds. Daily operations in the cemeteries will be overseen by the Cemetery Sexton. Springville City will charge fees according to City code for cemetery burial rights and all pertinent services provided for.


Springville Resident: A person will be considered a Springville resident if they can prove that they have a current residential address within Springville City limits at the time of the purchase of a burial plot or sexton services. A deceased person must be a resident of Springville at the time of their death to be considered a Springville resident for sexton fees and any other related fees.

Burial Rights

Purchase of Cemetery Plots/Burial Rights

Cemetery plots may be purchased in either the Historic City Cemetery or the Evergreen Cemetery. Upon purchase of a cemetery plot, the purchaser acquires only burial rights for that plot and perpetual care of that plot by the City subject to rules and policies of the City. No purchase of real property is made or inferred.

Cemetery Plot Purchase Options

Cemetery plots may be purchased by outright payment for the plots or by an arranged payment plan that may last up to two years. No interment will occur in any burial plot that is not fully paid for. Any plot that is not paid for within two years of the initial agreement date will forfeit all burial rights to that plot, will forfeit all monies paid for that plot, and the plot will be sold again at the current purchase price.

Transfer of Burial Rights

Transfer of burial rights may occur in accordance to provisions set forth in Springville City Code.

Indigent Burials

Arrangements for indigent burials can be made through the City. All indigent burials will be approved by the Mayor or City Council before interment. Indigent burial plots will be chosen by the Director of Buildings and Grounds at his discretion.

Inheritance of Burial Rights

Heirs may acquire burial rights to cemetery plots. Heirs must provide legal power of attorney or legal inheritance documents before burial rights can be reassigned to a new owner. New owners of burial rights will be bound to all existing and current fees and regulations.

Perpetual Care

Springville City will provide perpetual care of the cemeteries. The City will maintain cemetery grounds, infrastructure, roads, and all other elements associated with the cemeteries and cemetery properties. Springville City will be responsible for all necessary growth and development within the cemeteries. Perpetual care does not include maintenance or upkeep of any headstone, marker, monument, flower vase, or any other property that is not the property of Springville City.

Types of Cemetery Plots Available

Upright Headstone Plots

Upright headstone plots will allow placement of an upright single or double headstone, monument, or marker on the west end of the grave site. All upright headstones, markers, and monuments must meet all requirements pertaining to headstones, markers, and monuments before being placed in either cemetery. Upright headstones, markers, or monuments may not be placed at any plot that is not designated as an upright headstone plot. Flat headstones, markers, or monuments may be placed on an upright headstone plot. The cost of an upright headstone plot will be listed in the City’s fee schedule.

Flat Headstone Plots

Flat headstone plots will only allow markers that will remain flush with the ground. Planting of trees, shrubs, bushes or other vegetation on flat headstone plots is prohibited The cost of a flat headstone plot will be listed on the City’s fee schedule.

Infant Plots (1/3 size plots):

Infant plots are available in the infant section of the Evergreen Cemetery and in occasional areas of both cemeteries where full size plots are not available due to roads or infrastructure. Infants may also be buried at the east end of an already occupied plot if burial rights for that plot have already been purchased. The cost of an infant burial plot will be listed on the City’s fee schedule.

Cremation Burials

Cremation burials may occur in an unoccupied burial plot with burial rights where no future full burial will occur, at the east end of an already occupied burial plot with proper burial rights to that plot, or in a half size plot not located in the infant section of the Evergreen Cemetery. The price of the respective burial plot will remain the same regardless of full burial or cremation burial. Sexton fees for cremation burials will be less than full burial fees.


General Requirements:

• Interments will be limited to human dead.
• All associated fees must be paid to the City before any burial can occur in a City cemetery.
• Families and/or funeral directors will make all necessary arrangements with the City before an order for interment will be issued to the Cemetery Sexton.
• Notice for opening a grave must be submitted to the responsible party of Springville City at least 24 hours in advance to burial time.
• No interment will be allowed in any cemetery unless arranged for by someone legally holding a burial-transit permit.
• The City will provide excavation and refilling services for burials. Funeral directors, and other associated professionals will provide all other services related to funerals and graveside services.
• In winter months, the City will remove whatever snow is necessary to facilitate excavation and refilling of the grave. Extra snow removal may be provided, but is not required.
• The City is not responsible to move or reset any monument, headstone, or marker to facilitate a burial. The city may provide such services, at the discretion of the Sexton, for a fee. The City will accept no liability or responsibility for the monument, headstone, or marker during this process.
• No grave shall be opened, excavated, filled, or resodded by any person except the Sexton, or other designated City employee. The Sexton may, at his discretion, allow associated parties to assist with these procedures.

Burial Vaults

• All burials including a casket require a burial vault.
• Burial vaults must be made of concrete, or similar structurally sound material, and constructed in such a manner that the vault will not collapse at any point.
• Infant or cremation burials may not require a concrete vault. However, any vault or container used in such a burial must be approved by the Sexton prior to placement.
• All vaults and containers must have a properly fitting lid. Lids must be sealed with appropriate materials before refilling of the grave can take place.
• The Sexton, or his designee, may not approve a vault to be placed if he feels that the vault will fail or does not meet expectations.

Burial Plot Allowances

The following may occupy a burial plot:
• One body in one single casket.
• Two caskets buried on top of each other in a double deep burial.
• One parent and one infant child in a single casket.
• Two children in a single casket.
• Two separate infant/children interments.
• Up to six cremation containers.
• One adult and one infant in separate caskets if plot length allows.
• One infant burial per plot in infant sections.


• A legal permit for disinterment and re-interment is required before any burial will be scheduled for disinterment.
• Springville City code provides that Springville City will only expose the vault for a disinterment. All other processes required for a disinterment will be the responsibility of those arranging the disinterment.
• Springville City will not remove any vault, casket, or remains from any grave as part of a disinterment.
• Springville City may deny a disinterment if the Sexton determines that such would damage or destroy cemetery grounds and/or adjacent burial plots where an interment has already occurred.
• It will be the responsibility of those arranging for the disinterment to repair any and all damages and to return cemetery grounds to the conditions that existed before the disinterment.


Interments or disinterment will not occur on holidays that are observed by Springville City unless extreme circumstances require such.

Monuments, Markers, and Headstones

• All monuments, markers, and headstones are not the property of Springville City. Springville City assumes no responsibility for the safety, upkeep, or condition of any monument, marker, or headstone in its cemeteries.
• Placement of any monument, marker, or headstone will only occur under the approval and direction of the Sexton, or his associate. All monument companies must check in with the sexton before they arrive to place a monument, marker, or headstone.
• The Sexton, at his discretion, may disallow the placement of any monument, marker, or headstone if such do not meet cemetery requirements, if no prior approval has been arranged, or if cemetery or grounds conditions do not allow setting to occur without damage to cemetery grounds.
• Upright monuments, markers, or headstones may only be placed in areas of the cemeteries where such is allowed. Flat monuments, markers, or headstones may be placed in any area of the cemetery.
• All upright monuments, markers, or headstones must be placed at the west end of the burial plot in line with all other markers.
• Any infant, child, or cremation burial occurring at the east end of a plot may have one flat headstone placed at the east end of the plot.
• Monuments, markers, or headstones placed in the infant section of the cemetery must be flat.
• Flat military markers may be placed at the east of a burial plot if another marker is at the west end of the plot.

Monument, Marker, or Headstone Requirements:

• A double monument, marker, or headstone may not exceed 84” in length including cement borders and vases.
• A single monument, marker, or headstone may not exceed 42” in length including cement border and vases.
• A flat monument, marker, or headstone my not extend above the top of the concrete base, or above ground level.
• A monument, marker, or headstone to be placed in the infant section of a cemetery may not exceed 16” in width and 24” in length including concrete border. Infant markers may not have vases or holes for flowers in the concrete border.
• Concrete borders for all monuments, markers, or headstones except infant monuments, markers, or headstones must be a minimum of 8” wide and 6” deep.
• Concrete borders for infant monuments, markers, or headstones must be a minimum of 4” wide and 4” deep.
• All monuments, markers, and headstones will be placed in the traditional north-south orientation.
• Vases or holes for flowers should be located and centered on the north and south sides of the monument, marker, or headstone and be included in the concrete border. Vases and holes for flowers may not exceed maximum width and length requirements.
• All materials (stone, bronze, etc.) of the monument, marker, or headstone should be poured into or mechanically attached to the concrete base so as to prevent the monument, marker, or headstone being removed from the base and being damaged or causing damage.

Plantings, trees, and or shrubs in the cemeteries

• No tree, shrub, or other plant may be planted at any time.
• Trees, shrubs, and any other plants in the cemetery may be removed at any time at the discretion of the Sexton.
• The Sexton and his staff are under no obligation to prune, weed, or care for any shrub or other plant in the cemetery apart from existing cemetery trees and grass.
• Shrubs, or other plants, that impede with maintenance of cemetery grounds or impede the view of monuments, markers, or headstones may be removed at any time.

Decoration of graves

Graves may be decorated, by interested parties, within the following guidelines:

• No shepherd hooks or similar devices.
• Decorations should be tasteful
• No food, drink, candles, or lights
• No breakable items or glass containers
• No wires, stakes, sticks, or other such items
• Flowers, floral arrangements, plants in vases, etc. will be removed without notice when the Sexton, or his staff, deem them to be unsightly due to age.
• On Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Veterans Day, decorations will be left for seven days. Cleanup will occur on Monday, the week after the holiday and all decorations will be cleared from the cemetery and disposed of.
• Decorations on flat headstones may be removed at any time to facilitate cemetery maintenance except during the holiday times mentioned above.
• Decorations may remain in the cemetery from December 1 to February 28 without removal. Beginning March 1st, all decorations are subject to removal.
• Springville City is not responsible for theft, damage, or destruction of any decorations or personal items left in the cemeteries.

General Cemetery Regulations

• All vehicles should travel slowly through the cemeteries. 15 MPH is recommended.
• All vehicles should remain on paved roads, except when necessary to facilitate burials.
• Use of alcohol, smoking, and fireworks and prohibited in the cemeteries at all times.
Firearms cannot be discharged, except for official military salutes.

Cemetery Care and Maintenance
• Cemetery lawn will be mowed at least once weekly during the growing season as weather allows.
• Cemetery lawn will be watered sufficient to keep the grass green and healthy when water restrictions do not prohibit watering.
• Cemetery lawn will be maintained so as to have a minimal amount of weeds.
• Cemetery trees will be maintained in accordance to ISA standards for tree pruning and maintenance. Trees deemed to be of risk to cemetery grounds or patrons will be removed.
• Cemetery roads will be kept free of snow and ice, within reason.
• Cemetery buildings and fences will be kept in good repair and presentable to the public.
• Trash and debris will be removed from cemetery grounds as soon as possible within reason.