Mission Statement

The mission of Springville City is to promote a safe and healthy environment for its citizens by providing services, facilities and opportunities in a fiscally responsible manner.


Goal One

Prudent Management of Public Funds

  • Create and adhere to financial and budget policies.
  • Adopt and implement effective personnel policies.
  • Efficient use of the labor pool.

Goal Two

Effectively Plan For Growth and Budget Policies

  • Review the General Plan annually and update as needed.
  • Attract, retain and expand businesses which support the long-range economic development of the City.
  • Periodically review City Code to meet the needs of a growing community.

Goal Three

Enhance Communication Between Government and Citizens

  • Provide periodic newsletter to citizens.
  • Involve citizens in strategic planning.
  • Improve public relations between employees and citizens.

Goal Four

Improve The Quality of City Services

  • Implement measurable performance plans.
  • Continuing education and training of personnel.
  • Implement and maintain an efficient equipment inventory plan.

Goal Five

Protect The Rights and Properties of the Citizens

  • Update and enforce codes relating to rights and property of community and citizens.
  • Increase community policing programs.
  • Decrease crime rate and personal property loss.