Justice Court

110 South Main Street

Springville, UT 84663


(801) 489-2707

(801) 491-7815


Video Hearings

Your case has been scheduled for a video arraignment. You are Ordered to read, fill out and return the first two (2) forms to the court before your scheduled hearing. If you want to request a public defender – fill out and return the third form. If you do not return the forms as requested your case may be continued until they are received by the court.
You can fill out the forms, save them with a different name and then email them to justicecourt@springville.org. You can also print them first, fill out by hand and email them back to the court.

1. Instructions and Rights
2. Right to Counsel
3. Request for Public Defender

You are also ordered to watch the video below explaining your rights before your court hearing.

Defendants Rights English

Defendants Rights Spanish