General Information

Hobble Creek Canyon Road

94 Hobble Creek Canyon Rd


(801) 489-6297


What does a Hobble Creek Golf Course Volunteer do?

Hobble Creek is one of the busiest golf courses in Utah with average rounds in excess of 58,000 each year. With this amount of traffic on the course and only a season of approximately 230 open days, including rain days and other weather days that may temporarily close the course, this means the golf course sees an average of 252 golfers per day at the facility.

Our volunteers will be asked to do the following for the golf course:

  • Work 1 to 2 shifts per week (each shift is Approximately 4 hours)
  • Monitor Course activity and speed of play.
  • Maintain teeing grounds on all 18 holes
  • Repair ball marks on greens
  • Fill divots in fairways and on teeing grounds
  • Empty trash receptacles and pick up all loose trash on the course
  • Help stage, clean and park golf carts
  • Help maintain the Driving Range
  • Rake Bunkers ( as needed)
  • Other tasks as directed by the Pro Shop Staff.

We ask that volunteers arrive on time and are appropriately dressed for the golf course and insure that you have, if needed, sun protection, insect repellent, and drinking water.

It is vital that volunteers are able to communicate clearly and effectively with the pro-shop staff as well as players on the course in a friendly courteous manner.

Volunteers will need to be self motivated with the ability to accomplish assigned duties independently.

Volunteers will also be responsible to find substitutes from within the volunteer staff to cover missed shifts.

At times volunteers may be asked to provide additional help during events, holidays or at other times as deemed necessary by the pro-shop. These requests generally fall outside of regularly scheduled volunteer times, and will be arranged with the volunteer ahead of time.

If you have further questions please contact the pro-shop (801) 489-6297.