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Glimpses of Springville

In many ways Springville is much like many other small cities of the American West. Hardy settlers carved out a living and built something from nothing. Yet, Springville’s story is different. Few large cities let alone a small town of barely 30, 000 citizens can boast of a governor, a United States Supreme Court Justice, a Master’s Golf Tournament champion along with famous artists and wealthy entrepreneurs among its list of citizens.

Glimpses of Springville, written by Robert and JaNeal Freeman, reveals an extraordinary place. Through pictures and vignettes, the reader is introduced to a broad array of people, places and events that have created Utah’s Art City. A timeline weaves the history together and tells a tale in a sentence. In-depth essays give insight to the Springville Museum of Art, Hobble Creek Golf Course and more. In between, dozens of interesting historical moments are captured and shared in a way that will let young and old discover the value of history.

Glimpses of Springville was carefully researched and printed in full color. Learn how Hobble Creek got its name and which buildings have been lost over the years due to fire. Read about bank robberies and the sports season that is still talked about. Every page has something that will keep you entertained.


Available at the Civic Center for $24.95 plus tax.