Services Provided

Springville Fire and Rescue is an all hazards, combination fire department that currently employs four full-time employees, 21 part-time employees and 40 volunteer employees.

We serve our community in many different ways. The most obvious is through fire suppression activities. We also provide a full-service emergency medical response. Our EMS Division will make quick patient contact, rapid patient assessment, initiate emergency treatment, stabilize and prepare the patient for transportation to the hospital and then our ambulance crew will transport the patient to the emergency room. Our goal is to provide seamless and continuous patient care throughout the emergency.

We offer EMS care at the paramedic level during the day, and often at the paramedic level at night, as several of our crew members have taken it upon themselves to further their education in the medical field and have achieved the Paramedic Certification.
The Springville Fire Department is staffed with five on-duty firefighter/EMTs during the day (peak hours) and served by volunteers at night who respond when paged for emergencies.

The Fire department is also Hazardous Materials Certified at the operations level and work with the Utah County Hazardous Materials team. In addition, we also provide vehicle extrication and ice rescue operations at the technician level.

Our Fire Prevention program includes a public education program aimed at the youth in our community, which generally is through fire station tours and presentations.

The Fire Marshal enhances life safety in our city by enforcing local and state fire codes and providing building inspections for new and existing businesses.

We also provide fire investigations for all fires occurring in the city to determine the origin and cause of the fire. This service not only helps reduce the fire threat in our community, but at the national level as well.


  • Brush and grass fires
  • Emergency medical calls
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Structure fires
  • Vehicle accidents & extrications
  • ¬†Vehicle fires