The Springville Fire and Rescue department dates back to the year of 1889 when firefighters banded together with their neighbors and used bucket brigades to fight fires in the city. In 1910, Mayor L.D. Deal organized the fire department with 17 men who used a hand-pulled hose card with 1, 000 feet of hose. In 1912, the hose cart was pulled by a horse.

Today, Springville City has two fire departments and approximately 65 dedicated firefighters and paramedics.


Chronological Timeline

1889 — Fire fighters use ‘bucket brigades’ to fight fire in City.
1910 — Mayor Deal organized fire department with 17 men who used a hand-pulled hose cart with 1, 000 feet of hose
1912 — A horse began to pull the hose cart
1915 to 1921 — Fire Department and Phillips Garage used two vehicles (a Studebaker and a Buick) to build two fire vehicles. One of the vehicles carried water and the other carried equipment.
1937 — Fire Department bought new fire truck for less than $7, 000 (the cost today would be approximately $300, 000).
1975 — The fire truck purchased in 1937 was taken out of service and replaced by a $95, 000 Crown fire truck.
1974 — Springville Ambulance begins with 25 charter members, serving Springville, Mapleton and the Springville And Vicinity Emergency Rescue Service (SAVERS).
1985 – Mapleton forms its own ambulance association with their Fire Department
1988 – Springville reaches “Intermediate Agency Status”
2004-2005 — Fire Department has three ambulances, 32 volunteers, more than 700 calls per year as well as has one ladder truck,  three engines,  one water tender,  one medium rescue truck,  four bruch trucks,  two support vehicles, 30 level II firefighters and four level I firefighters.

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