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Fire Inspection Checklist

The checklist below provides some general guidelines to help you prepare for your fire inspection.

If you have any questions,  please contact the Fire Marshal at (801) 491-5602 or send an email.

Fire Inspection Checklist

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  • A minimum of one 5lb ABC portable fire extinguisher (depending on the square footage of the building) must be conspicuously mounted on a wall so top is not more than five feet above the floor. Portable fire extinguisher must be readily accessible, preferably along normal paths of exit travel. Portable fire extinguishers must be inspected and re-tagged annually.
  • All corridors, stairways, mechanical rooms and exits must be free and clear of any storage, furniture or obstructions of any kind.
  • All attics, basements, furnace rooms, stairs and under stairs must be free of accumulation of waste paper, rubbish, rags, etc.
  • Exit doors shall be operable from inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort. Exit doors shall not be locked, chained, bolted, barred, latched or otherwise rendered unusable from the inside.
  • No extension cords are to be used as permanent wiring. No electrical cord splicing outside electrical boxes or fixtures. No cords under rugs, through walls, doors, or partitions. Wire outside of a conduit or boxes are not permitted. No octopus (multi-plug adapters) connections, or frayed cords are permitted. Defective wiring and equipment must be replaced or repaired immediately.
  • A main electrical panel must be accessible and clearly marked for all circuits. Cover plates are required on all outlets, switches, and junction boxes. A clear working space 30” x 78” x 3’in front of the panel.
  • No storage of flammables in basements or mechanical rooms. No storage near exits, stairways or exit doors, including sales merchandise.
  • No sprinkler systems can be turned off at any time other than for repair. All valves must be open, accessible and unobstructed. Sprinkler systems must offer complete protection to all rooms and areas, under stairs, and within closets. Storage shall be maintained at least 18 inches below sprinkler heads.
  • No gasoline-powered equipment may be stored in any part of the building except in a rated room designed and approved for this use. All kitchen hood-over equipment that produces a grease-laden air must be equipped with a hood system, automatic fuel shut off, and fire alarm interconnection.
  • Fire alarm systems must be operable and in good repair at all times. Complete protection with smoke and heat detectors is required.

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