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Mobile Food
Business Licensing Renewal

Thank you for renewing your mobile food license with Springville City.

You should have received a copy of your 2016 business license renewal form in the mail. If you have not received your business license renewal form, please call (801) 491-7811 or send an email.

Renewal form and payment must be received by Springville City before a business license will be reviewed and issued.

Please Note: A business license renewal notification will be sent three weeks before the license expires. An additional notice of expiration (if not renewed by the due date) will be provided when the business license expires. No further renewal notices will be sent and the business license will no longer be valid if not renewed. It is unlawful to operate a business on an expired business license.

License Verification

  • It is your responsibility to verify your state entity has not expired, please click here to verify.
  • Businesses with DOPL licenses need to make sure their license is not expired.
    To verify DOPL license, click here.

Business License Renewal-Mobile Food

  • By typing my name above, I certify the business' state entity registration is current and active and that all information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.