Business Licensing Renewals

We are pleased to announce that Springville City has implemented a new online renewal system through Civic Review to help simplify this process for your convenience.  In order to better serve you, you can expect an email from with instructions for renewing your business license 30 days before your license expires.  If your business license has had one or more of the following changes: Location Change, Name Change, or Ownership Change, you will need to submit a Change Form in addition to renewing your business license.  If you are a Home Office business, a new business license application will need to be submitted each year you wish to keep a current business license, as Home Office business licenses are not renewable.

As you are completing your business license renewal, please take a moment to make sure that all the fields are filled out completely and accurately.  All information is required and will simplify your renewal processing time in the future.

Just a reminder to verify your State Entity registration is active. This is your responsibility. To check your entity status, click hereYour State Entity is your business name registration with the State of Utah.

Sales tax numbers must have Springville as the outlet before your license can be renewed.

DOPL licenses must also be current. To check your DOPL status, click here.

After your renewal has been submitted, it will be reviewed.  Once reviewed and approved, you will receive an email to make your renewal fee payment.  When all requirements are met and payment is received and processed, you will receive and email to inform you your business license is ready to be printed.  You can then go into Civic Review and print your business license.

Please Note: A business license renewal notification email will be sent 30 days before the license expires. An additional notice of expiration (if not renewed by the due date) will be provided when the business license expires. No further renewal notices will be sent and the business license will no longer be valid if not renewed. It is unlawful to operate a business on an expired business license.

If your business license expired more than 60 days ago, please contact the Business License Office to renew. Thank you!
Business Licensing Office
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
(801) 491-7811