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Lap Lanes


Open: Monday – Saturday

5 am – 10 pm

Closed: noon to 1 pm for cleaning

10% discount on annual memberships in August
August 1st closing at 7:00 pm

We are open!

Open Hours:
Monday – Saturday
5 am–12 pm then 1-10 pm
Noon – 1 pm closed for cleaning and disinfecting

We are so excited to be open and running again we just have a few changes for the time being. We are open 5am-12pm then 1pm-10pm, we close for an hour everyday from 12-1 to clean the facility. No need to reserve a time to swim or workout because we are open use we just ask you take up a spray bottle and rag (we provide) with you when you use equipment. Our activity pool is closed M-F from 8 am- 1pm. You can also sign up for fitness classes in the facility through the app again!! We are excited to see everyone again!


Passes will remain frozen until we are 100% open, unless the patron wishes to unfreeze it.


Spray bottles/rags will be available. Spray before and after use or touch of anything. Spray bottle and rag will be deposited in bins as the patron leaves CRC. “high-risk” individuals are discouraged from using the facility for their own safety.

Memberships during closure

The Circumstances surrounding the temporary closure of the CRC are unlike anything we have ever seen. Thank you for your patience as we navigate through new and complex decisions.

We want to provide some clarity regarding active memberships. The following will apply, effective immediately:

Regular Memberships: Your membership will be extended equal to the length of the CRC closure.

Payment Plan Memberships: Your charges will be frozen until the CRC has been open again for as many days as it was closed (not to exceed 30 days).

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