Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions we get. Feel free to call us if these don’t answer your question. 801-491-7881


Is there a monthly payment option?

We sell an annual pass that can be paid monthly ($3 processing fee per month)

When do the pools and slides open?

The pools open with the facility at 5 am and the slides open at noon.

Do you offer Child Watch?

Yes, for ages 18 MO to 8 years. The first child is $2 per hour, each addition child is $1 per hour. Limit of 2 hours.

How many laps around the track is a mile?

9 laps equal 1 mile.

What is available at the Recreation Center?

There’s cardio equipment, a gymnasium, 7 pools, a walking/jogging track, fitness classes, aquatic lessons, youth camps, and other programs. You can view available classes on our calendar.

Where can I buy my pass?

Go to and set up an account. From here, you’ll purchase your pass, link family members to that pass, and upload proof of residency documents.

You can also make purchases and reserve spots in fitness classes or child watch from the smart phone APP. For iPhones and iPads, go to: . For Android devices, go to: .

How much do fitness classes cost?

The fitness classes are included with your membership. You don’t have to pay extra to attend.

How many people does a family pass cover?

6 total: 2 adults, 4 children (3-21yrs), immediate family members, must be dependents, living in the same household. No grandparents with children and grandchildren on the same pass. If your family is larger, please email us at for more information on options that are available.

Will my adult children be able to use our family pass? 

Children on the family pass can be between the ages of 3 and 21. Children 22 and older will need to get an individual pass.

What age of children need passes?

3 years and older.

If my child turns 3 this year should I buy a family pass or a couple pass?

You can buy a couple pass this year and it will cover your child. When you renew next year you can upgrade to the family pass.

What age is considered a senior for the senior passes?

Anyone 60 or older

What are the hours of the Recreation Center?

The center is open Monday through Saturday from 5 AM to 10 PM. Hours are subject to change for major holidays.

What sort of equipment is available? 

There’s cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, row machines, stair climbers, etc. There is also selectorized weight machines and free weights.

What sort of filtration system does the pool have?

A sand filtration system, UV system, chlorine and an Ozone System on the spa.