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Tree Planting Guidelines

  • Deciduous trees must be 1.25” – 2.5”, ball and burlap stock.
  • Evergreen trees must be 5’-7’ ball and burlap stock.
  • Tree hole shall be dug 2-3 time the diameter of the root ball and only as deep as the root ball.
  • Tree root ball shall be at least 12 inches in diameter per each 1 inch of tree caliper and at least 18 inches deep. Ball shall be wrapped tightly with no loose parts.
  • Tree should be set in the center of the hole and stood upright. The root flare should be visible and located at, or slightly above, existing ground level. The root flare should never be below ground level.
  • Tree shall only be lifted by the wire basket. Never lift tree by grasping trung or limbs or by attaching any type of sling or choker.
  • Remove at least the top half of the wire basket. Push remaining basket into the bottom of the hole.
  • Fold down burlap into bottom of hole.
  • Remove all strings, rope, stakes, taping, tagging, flagging, and any other such items.
  • Backfill hole with parent material, compact only enough to hold tree in place. Never use mechanical compaction. Top soil or soil pep may be added to parent material but may not replace parent material. Backfill material should cover root flare slightly but should never be piled against trunk.
  • Water generously to soak entire root ball and backfill material. A soil water ring may be formed at the edge of the root ball. Backfill material may need to be added as soil settles below root flare.
  • Form a mulch ring around the base of the tree. Mulch ring shall be at least 5 feet in diameter and 3” to 4” deep. Do not pile mulch against trunk. Fabric under mulch is not necessary for single trees.
  • Properly planted trees generally Do Not Require Staking. If staking is necessary, Stakes should be driven into the ground outside of the root ball. Guying material must be wide and flexible, hose and wire should never be used. Trees shall be staked so that the trunk may move naturally in the wind. Any and all staking materials will be removed after one year’s time. Tree planting season is from Labor Day through Memorial Day. No trees may be planted in public rights-of-way outside of that season. Trees planted while the tree is not dormant will require a two year replacement guarantee.

If you have any questions, please call (801) 491-2737 or send an email.