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Street Trees

Street Trees are trees acceptable for planting in planter strips. Street trees should be large shade trees that adapt well to a street tree application. Street trees may not be planted in planter strips that are less than 72” wide. The planting of any street trees must be done under the direction of the Director of Buildings and Grounds.

General Regulations

  • Street trees should only be planted in planted strips that are a minimum of 6 feet wide.
  • Street trees planted in planter strips less than 6 feet wide are subject to removal if they block sidewalk access, block traffic access, raise the sidewalk or curb, or cause public safety problems.
  • All street trees are to be planted, pruned, and/or removed by City Urban Forestry staff.
  • Street trees should only be of approved species.
  • Any trees planted under power lines must be power line approved species.

Acceptable Species

Cultivars of the listed species may be used.

Oregon AshFraxinus latifolia
White AshFraxinus americana
Bald CypressTaxodium distichum
Accolade ElmUlmus x u2018Accoladeu2019
American ElmUlmus americana
Danada Charm ElmUlmus x u2018Danada Charmu2019
Frontier ElmUlmus x u2018Frontieru2019
Lacebark ElmUlmus parvifolia
New Horizon ElmUlmus x u2018New Horizonu2019
Pioneer ElmUlmus x u2018Pioneeru2019
Prospector Elm Ulmus x u2018Prospectoru2019
Triumph ElmUlmus x u2018Triumphu2019
American LindenTilia americana
Crimean LindenTilia x euchlora
Silver LindenTilia tomentosa
Black MapleAcer nigrum
Hedge MapleAcer campestre
Norwegian Sunset MapleAcer truncatum x Acer platanoides
State Street MapleAcer miyabei
Bur OakQuercus macrocarpa
Chinkapin OakQuercus muhelenbergii
Swamp White OakQuercus bicolor
Amur CorktreePhellodendron amurense
Amur MaackiaMaackia amurensis
Autumn Splendor HorsechestnutAesculus x arnoldiana
Black LocustRobinia pseudoacacia
European BeechFagus sylvatica
HackberryCeltis occidentalis
Hardy Rubber TreeEucommia ulmoides
Japanese Pagoda TreeSophora japonica
Japanese ZelkovaZelkova serrata
Kentucky Coffee TreeGymnocladus dioicus
SugarberryCeltis laevigata
Tulip TreeLiriodendron tulipifera

Power Lines and Street Trees

The following area acceptable Street Tree are acceptable for planting under power lines.

Trees planted under power lines may not achieve a mature height of more than 25 feet.

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Other Trees

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