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Purchases and Burial Arrangements

For information about burial arrangements and pricing at Evergreen Cemetery or the Historic Springville City Cemetery, please contact:

Teresa Tipton
443 South 200 East
(801) 489-2770
(801) 489-7217 — fax

Nature and Extent of Rights Acquired — Lot Ownership and Privileges

Upon the purchase of burial rights, the purchaser acquires only the right of burial and perpetual care in the said lot, subject to rules and regulations of the cemetery. (Springville City Code) Sexton fees (opening and closing a grave) are separate fees and cannot be pre-paid. They are paid at the time of burial.

Purchase Contracts

Burial right purchase may be financed if proper arrangements are made with the department. A $100 down payment is required for each plot. Balance must be paid within two years with 6% interest accrued. Plot must be paid in full before burial may occur. For more information, please call (801) 489-2770.

Prices and Fees

Below you will find the pricing for plots and sexton fees. “Upright” means that you may have an upright headstone on the plot. “Flat” means that any headstone on the plot must be flat (flush). “Over-sized” plots are wider and accommodate burials with wider than standard caskets and vaults. “Resident” means Springville City resident. Infant plots are available in the Evergreen Cemetery in Section L.

Cemetery Fees