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Cremation Niche Wall

In 2014, a beautiful Cremation Niche Wall was constructed in the Historic Springville City Cemetery to provide additional options for the interment of cremains at the cemetery. In 2019, a Cremation Niche Wall was constructed in the Springville Evergreen Cemetery.

The niche wall consists of four rows with six niches in each row for a total of  24 niches on each side of the wall. There are a total of 48 niches and each niche holds 2 urns.

Families may have an engraved plaque on the front of the niche.


Springville Resident
Second interment — $200

Second interment — $250

If you would like more information about the cremation niche wall,  please call (801) 489-2770, or visit the Building and Grounds department located at 443 South 200 East.