Buildings & Grounds

443 South 200 East


phone: (801) 489-2770

fax: (801) 489-7217


Buildings and Grounds

People have recently been driving through our parks. Nine parks have been found with tire tracks from various vehicles. This ruins the grass and irrigation systems and costs a lot of money. We need your help keeping our parks looking wonderful. If you see anyone driving on the grass, please report them to the police!

The Division of Buildings and Grounds is responsible for maintaining all city owned buildings and grounds. The forestry staff is responsible for all city owned trees.

Major responsibilities performed by  the Buildings and Grounds Division include: mowing and landscaping, building maintenance, park maintenance, special facilities maintenance, holiday decorations, maintaining and overseeing city and canyon parks, pavilion & campsite reservations, cemeteries and forestry.

Please contact the Buildings and Grounds office regarding any concerns relating to maintenance of city owned facilities and grounds.


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