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Officer Shinners’ Funeral

UPDATE 1/11/19 1:00 PM

Provo Officer Joseph Shinners, who died in the line of duty and is a Springville resident will have a funeral procession from UVU to Springville City this Saturday from 2 pm until about 4 pm. As a result, Springville City will be closing 400 South from I-15 to Main Street and Main Street south to Evergreen Cemetery for the funeral procession. NO traffic will be allowed on or across these streets during the procession.

Springville residents wanting to pay respects to the Shinners family and Provo Police Department may park on 400 South during the procession, but you will not be able to leave until the procession has passed. We expect the procession, consisting of about 1,000 police vehicles to arrive in Springville at 2 pm. The procession should last about 1 1/2 hours. We suggest being parked along 400 South by 1:45 pm.

Normal traffic will resume as soon as the procession has concluded. Highway 89, between Mapleton’s 800 South and 1600 South will be closed during the procession and graveside services.

The process will be arriving on I-15 from Provo and exit 400 South eastbound. They will then travel east to Main Street, turning right onto southbound Main Street. The procession will then proceed onto US 89 towards Mapleton.

UPDATE 1/11/19 10:00 AM

Provo Police Officer and Springville resident Joseph Shinners’ funeral will be tomorrow, January 12th. The procession from the funeral at UVU to Springville’s Evergreen Cemetery will happen directly after the funeral. The procession will exit I-15 onto 400 South and travel east to Main Street. It will then turn south onto Main Street and follow US 89 to Evergreen Cemetery.

We encourage all residents to participate in an honor guard by standing along the route with flags or hands over your heart as the procession passes. We expect about 800 police and emergency vehicles to be in the procession.

You may park on 400 South during the procession between 500 South and 1500 South, but you cannot leave until the end of the procession. Please do not block driveways or intersections. 400 South will be closed to all traffic once the procession arrives in Springville, which is estimated to be about 2:00 pm. All Main Street traffic south of 400 South to the Evergreen Cemetery will be closed during the procession also.

Funeral Route Map

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